I need some sort of #MBMBaM-esque $zone song and warning I can give you that I'm about to do some merch/biz plugging. But just in case you hadn't caught the following exists and are interested...

(And ok, yes, there's a 4th new shirt I've opted not to show you here. I'm pretty happy this exists, & after this Saturday I hope you'll want one as much as I do. But if you go peek at it, I WARN YOU it is somewhere between teasery and SPOILERY. Do with this info what you will)

If you're into loot boxes, you might want to hit up the fine folk @lootanime and get in on the next box. No reason... (yes, reason!) #genLOCK

And lastly, a reminder to also keep an eye on the #genLOCK collection at Ok, s'all for now. Thanks if you read all that, no worries if you skipped it. ...and yes, items for certain other characters coming soon πŸ˜œπŸ™

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