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Hypertroph | Fitness Coach



I transformed my body in 6 months. People charge INR 25,000+ for this information. It should be free. Just follow these simple fat loss rules:

Exercise: • 3-4x per week • Weights > Cardio • Compound movements first • Cardio after weights Don't focus on burning calories focus on getting stronger Video tutorial:

Nutrition: • 20-25% calorie deficit • 1.6-1.8 g/Kg Protein • 2x fruits & veggies daily • Limit eating out Food quantity determines weight loss. Food quality determines health. Video tutorial:

Sleep: • Fix wake up time • Sleep 8 hrs • No caffeine after 2 pm • Dinner 2-3 hours before bed Have a routine, and be consistent. Routines save your time and maximise your energy. Video Tutorial:

Simple is beautiful. Don't bookmark and forget. • Commit to the end goal • Disappear for 6 months • Build yourself in private Before you go, I would love to give you 10 bonus tips to make you unstoppable- (with step-by-step video tutorials)

Help me reach more people in 2 simple steps: 1. Retweet the first tweet 2. Follow me @CoachHypertroph to not miss my future threads Once done, I will DM you: ✅ 5 bonus tips to boost fat burning ✅ 5 supplement suggestions (the only 5 worth buying)

Please Note: • Team will send you a DM in 24 hours once you retweet & follow. ✅ • DM me "Done" if you do not receive the courses within 24 hours and I will make sure you get it. 🙏🏻

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