#sakuatsu nsfw | bitching #hqomegaverseweek2022 @HQomegaverse Day 07: Free day It was not uncommon for two alphas to be at loggerheads, clashing and rubbing each other off in the wrong way.

It was not uncommon for two alphas to argue in the midst of a heated volleyball match when things were getting tense and their team was behind by a point- a set to boot.

What was uncommon, however, was how the two alphas in contention, Atsumu and Sakusa, who usually worked well together, had been on the edge throughout the match, with a heated tension that only seemed to multiply with every passing second.

It certainly did not help that both alphas could be hot headed at times. Sakusa, naturally sarcastic, brooding and moody, and Atsumu, often too prideful to acknowledge when he went too far running his mouth off thoughtlessly.

Together, they made a firecracker in the team with a chemistry Coach Foster was quick to identify when he first placed them as starters on the team. On this occasion however, the sparks they created caused them a practice match,

leaving him with eyebrows knitted, and an underlying concern that the tension during the practice match was not as simple as he thought it was. "Sakusa, Miya, talk things out properly once the both of you are done cleaning up the court. +

Talk it out like adults would, you hear me? The rest of the team is dismissed.” Coach Foster watched the rest of the team filing off the court, leaving Sakusa and Atsumu behind, glaring at one another with a heat that had yet to dispel even after playing five gruelling sets.

"You've got it, Coach," Atsumu hummed. He was the first to break away from the tense stare-down against Sakusa, directing his attention to Coach Foster, before his gaze shifted back to the other alpha on the court pointedly, +

“I'll be sure to talk some sense into Omi and try to work things out for that absolute shitplay that cost us the match."  "Miya." Both Coach Foster and Sakusa growled simultaneously, but it was Coach Foster’s that was laced with clear warning intent,

his prime alpha pheromones seeping out to dismiss the tension and intermingling scents of Atsumu and Sakusa’s alpha pheromones wafting through the air.  "Sorry, Coach," Atsumu mumbled, casting his eyes downwards in submission, glancing over, +

smirking when he noted how Sakusa had his head bowed slightly, "I'll talk to him properly. I promise." "Good. I hope to see the both of you in better shape for practice tomorrow. And Sakusa, your rut's due in a week? Rest up once you're home," Coach Foster sighed woefully, +

leaving the court while shaking his head fondly. He swore he was looking after a bunch of kids sometimes. A smile tugged on his lips when he overheard Atsumu huffing, whining at having to stay back to clean and Sakusa grunting in mock agreement.

He could only hope that the two alphas were able to set aside their differences and talk things out properly like adults would. A part of Coach Foster begged to differ otherwise.

* "Running your mouth again, Miya?" Sakusa sneered, once Coach Foster’s figure faded into the distance.  Eyes narrowed, he watched Atsumu with bitter distaste.

Ever prideful, cocky and stuck up, Atsumu, never failed to get on his nerves for no rhyme or reason. Atsumu, who'd run his mouth off, calling his gameplay ‘absolute shitplay'. Atsumu, who merely stared back at him with a pompous look of indignance.

Disdain, disrespect and complete disregard. A spark of irritation flared in Sakusa. It radiated from his pores steadily. Watching the setter adorn a look of contempt and haughtiness altogether,

Sakusa bit his lower lip when that wicked tongue of Atsumu's lolled out in a childish attempt to grate on his nerves. It was infuriating, yet it sent a bolt of heat running through his body, igniting a fiery fire at the pits of his stomach.

Sakusa thought nothing of it. Convinced that it had to be a pre-rut symptom, Sakusa’s nostrils flared, as the heat in his belly grew.  "What're yer gonna do about that, huh? Omi omi," Atsumu drawled lazily, mischief and full-fledged ignorance glinting in his hazel orbs.

'Brat,' Sakusa mused, feeling a surge of fury coursing through his veins. An itch was starting to build under his fingernails. He wanted nothing more than to dig them into the blonde’s tan throat and put the setter in his place.

Striding towards the setter who had his back turned for a brief moment to place a volleyball into a volleyball cart, Sakusa grabbed Atsumu by his shoulder, a sick twist of satisfaction churning in his guts when he felt the blonde go still.

Hazel orbs with flecks of honey gold met his own dark onyx ones.  Amidst the palpable tension running thick and heavy through the air, the spark of attraction that flickered between the two alphas was unmistakable. Undeniable.

"Omi-" "You know, Miya, you ought to stop running your mouth off," Sakusa murmured hotly, lips curling into a snarl when Atsumu glared at him defiantly, shaking off the firm grip he had on his shoulder.

"Yeah? What're yer gonna do, Omi?" Atsumu's eyes glinted with an emotion Sakusa could not quite put a name to, "Put me in my place? Hah. You don't have what it takes. Yer not alpha enough, you prissy fuck."  Time stood still. Something snapped in Sakusa.

A low growl rumbled from the back of his throat. Shoving Atsumu by the chest, Sakusa watched the setter’s eyes widen in surprise. A wounded cry that sounded more like a broken moan rang out when Atsumu’s back hit the wall with a brute force that left him gasping for air.

“I don't have what it takes?” Sakusa snarled, drawing in close, reaching out to grip the expanse of Atsumu’s throat. Smooth. Unblemished. Free of a bond bite. That was all due to change- the alpha in Sakusa itched to bite. Claim. Mark. Hurt.

Fingers curling around Atsumu’s throat, Sakusa exerted pressure. He felt the steady pulse under his fingertips, the bob of Atsumu’s throat as he swallowed, and a rush of power- hunger he had never quite felt before, overcame him. “O-omi-”

Staring keenly, Sakusa noted how the blonde alpha before him breathed heavily, pink tongue peeking out between lips that looked pillowy soft. Eyes darkening, pupils dilating, gaze turning hazy.

A tremor ran down Sakusa’s spine. He felt heat rising to his cheeks and barely registered the groan of arousal leaving Atsumu’s parted lips when he exerted more pressure, grip tightening around the blonde alpha’s throat, cutting his airway.

“Using real big words for a big boy now, huh?” Sakusa laughed meanly, stepping closer to Atsumu. The latter shuddered, licking his lips, before a wave of clarity seemed to strike him in the chords.

Struggling in the taller alpha's grip, Atsumu threw Sakusa a weak glare that only spurred the heat stirring in his abdomen.  “Gonna put you in your place and show you how much of a prissy fuck I can be,” Sakusa hissed, smashing their lips together forcefully. Atsumu moaned.

//continuing in a bit

* It wasn’t like Atsumu hadn’t thought about it. Being ploughed face-first into the sheets, knot dangling between his legs uselessly, swelling around nothing.

But having the darkest, deepest desires in him turn into reality after months of pining after the tall, dark haired alpha with a sea-urchin like behaviour in his team, was something else altogether.

Atsumu didn’t recognise the noises leaving his lips. The pants, drawn-out whimpers, keening whines, broken sobs and wet sounds from where their bodies were connected.

The fact that he sounded like a bitch in heat, knees buckling under his weight, the alpha fucking into him from behind, pressed closely. So, so deep.  It was almost as though Sakusa was out with a vengeance, determined to fuck a litter of pups in him and god-

A part of Atsumu wanted it. Welcomed it. Relished in it. The other part of him- his rationality and instinct nature as an alpha, rejected it.

“Fuck, never knew you’d be so tight. So good. So compliant, just with a cock in you. You like this, Atsumu?” Sakusa growled, pistoning his long, girthy cock into the heat that was slick with lube, welcoming him with greedy clenches.

Atsumu didn’t register that his body was being contorted, back arched like a bow, taut; squeezed into a compressed spring, the harsh grip on his hips holding him up, bruising.  It was a pleasure Atsumu had always dreamt of, but never knew. Until now.

Stuttered gasps left him. He rocked his hips back in vigour, to meet every thrust. Turning his neck slightly to stare at the taller alpha, Atsumu managed a snarl, bearing his teeth. Sakusa only sneered in response, fucking into him harder.

"Should've told me you wanted this," he murmured hotly, leaning in to lick a tentative stripe across Atsumu's scent glands, "I would've given it to you, if you'd asked. Nicely." The scent and taste of rich honey burst on his tongue.

Sakusa groaned, daring to suck on the scent glands. He watched the blonde alpha beneath him fall apart. He was beautiful. Perfect. Everything Sakusa could've ever asked for.  It took every bit of his control not to sink his aching jaws into Atsumu.

"God, you're perfect," Sakusa grew bolder, eyes glinting knowingly when Atsumu clamped down. Hips snapping at a punishing pace, he sank every inch of his cock, his knot, into Atsumu. The latter screamed, going painfully still. Spurts of white coated the sheets below him.

"Was this a prissy fuck for you?" Sakusa whispered lowly into Atsumu's ear, pumping the alpha full of his seed. Atsumu turned to glare at him weakly, tears clinging to his lashes. "Fuck you."

A dark gleam flashed in the taller alpha's eyes. "That wasn't enough, huh?" Sakusa murmured, rolling his hips, ignoring the flash of panic in Atsumu's gaze. "Should've thought so."

Hiking up one of Atsumu's legs onto his shoulder, an even dark smile tugged on Sakusa's lips. "Let's see how many rounds it takes for an alpha like you to break."

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