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editing footage from The Force Awakens for this trope talk is making me sad about Star Wars again πŸ˜” -R

it's like they knew they needed another power trio of heroic main characters with strong personalities to drive the otherwise very simple plot and then forgot they needed to let those characters actually fuckin interact with each other -R

I'm really not a fan of the hyper-negative nitpicking school of criticism but some stories were shaped by such bafflingly bad decisions that I really, REALLY want to do an autopsy on how something with such a strong foundation could flop so catastrophically on the execution -R

we could call it Everything Wrong With - wait shit -R

I feel like the sequels were kinda screwed right out the gate by two opposing bad decisions: -Let's not write an overarching plan for all three movies, Lucas didn't -We KNOW we have three movies and are under no obligation to wrap a single goddamn thing up until the last one -R

Not planning the gazillion-dollar trilogy seems blindingly stupid in hindsight, but it had a precedent. The problem was the original trilogy wasn't INTENDED as a trilogy. Episode 4 was originally just Star Wars, a classic hero's journey with a satisfying resolution. -R

Then it did so well they got two more movies, so they knew they could make Empire Strikes Back more open-ended. It was an incredibly strong addition because it escalated from the previous movie, dropped in some nutso reveals and took Han out of commission. Stakes: elevated. -R

The third one stumbled a little. It was hard to resolve everything satisfactorily. Death Star But Again is, on paper, not too creative. Rescuing Han and Luke confronting the Emperor are mostly what people remember about that movie. It still pulls everything together, though. -R

Writing a sequel to a fully-resolved story is never easy, but at least you're guaranteed to HAVE a fully-resolved story IN that structure. But if you know right out the gate you're getting three movies and all the money in the world - that first movie is JUST Part 1. -R

It's like the series was baking a cake. Episode 4 is a frosted cake. Episode 5 is a second layer of cake on top of that cake. Episode 6 is frosting. Then episodes 7 and 8 were more frosting with a promise that there'd turn out to be a cake under all of it by episode 9. -R

So many serialized franchises these days are massively frontloading on Planting and saving all the Payoff for the Big Bombastic Grand Finale. This is not the only way to tell stories. Incremental payoffs have historically been a much better way to tell a strong story. -R

But unfortunately it IS a really good way to get people coming back for more. If your goal isn't telling a good story that'll last and be loved for generations, but is instead getting as many eyes on your finale as possible because they're desperate for closure - this is how. -R

The Force Awakens is not a complete story. It's an introduction to a solid cast and a promise of future excitement with those characters. As an introduction to those characters, it works pretty well - very well in places. But there's no rewatch value because it never paid off. -R

It genuinely breaks my heart, because it's so clear that the cast are pouring their whole heart into these roles. Who wouldn't be, for Star Wars?! It's like half the people involved were overflowing with passion for their work - and the other half didn't care and made it shit. -R

Watching someone's heart break is always rough, and the fact that Star Wars is a LOW point in those actors' careers is just… crushing. The actors and characters deserved a better story - one someone ACTUALLY wanted to tell. Nobody wanted to tell this one. It's a mess. -R

Even if a story's execution is rough, you can always tell when the artist really wanted it to exist. The passion shines through. Those actors were passionate about the characters. The composer was passionate about the score. The writers were NOT passionate about the plot. -R

art should make you feel things, and Star Wars successfully makes me feel very sad about what it's become………… it's more machine than man now…………… -R

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