Four youtube mistakes that 97.3% of beginner YouTubers make. how many do you know?👇

👎🏼 1. Not Optimizing for Session Time You want viewers to binge watch as much of your content as possible. But that's easier said than done. How exactly do ya do that? - Good End Screen CTAs - Similar Types of Videos - Binge-able Content Dream is a perfect example:

👎🏼 2. Not Jumpstarting Your Channel w/ a Banger You want to build up momentum (returning viewers) on your channel as quickly as possible Find outlier topics in your niche and redo them better. Here's a good example:

👎🏼 3. Not Structuring the Thumbnail A good thumbnail can be the difference between 10,000 and 1,000,000 views So you want your thumbnail to have these 3 elements: 1: Emotional Appeal (make them laugh) 2: Intriguing Concept (good clickbait) 3: Color Contrast (creates focus)

👎🏼 4. Content that's NOT Broadly Appealing You want your content to appeal to a big audience. BUT: there's a fine line between good broad & too broad Here's an example:

If you learned something, retweet the thread and I'll make a "YouTube mistakes" part 2 :)

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