Young King. Here are a FEW things you MUST do before you die.

1. Have a professional fight, it will teach you alot. 2. Have your heart broken and dont say a word to ANYONE, just move on. 3. Retire your mother. 4. Work for an ENTIRE week, and give the money away. 5. Reject sex from a beautiful woman, it's good for your soul.

6. Tip enough to become someones "Biggest tip" story. 7. Fly first class and DONT SLEEP. Drink. Eat. Watch the shitty movies. Be friendly to the crew. Enjoy the experience for what it is. an EXPERIENCE.

8. Eat completely shit for 2 weeks. Anything that tastes good. Notice how SHIT you feel and understand people LIVE this way. 9. Fast. Be hungry and dont bitch about it dont even tell anyone. (for the inverse of the above). 10. Have kids.

11. Tell someone to "fuck off" mid sentence. You're thinking it, so just say it. 12. Admit you were wrong but DONT say sorry. 13. Get incarcerated, a couple nights in prison is good for you. 14. Wait a week to replace your phone after it breaks.

15. Dig a hole big enough to stand in it as a reminder of where you're going to end up eventually. Fill it back up, and go on with your life. 16. Forgive someone who BADLY annoyed you, it's sometimes better to live and let live.

17. There's a time to be merciless, when that time comes, destroy them completely. 18. Ask your parents what would make them happy and DO IT. 19. Get a loan and REFUSE to pay it, banks are a scam so fuck them. 20. Buy a plane ticket the day it's supposed to take off.

21. Send a hand written letter to someone you love. 22. Change your sleep pattern for one month to a nocturnal one. Less distraction. amazing productivity. 23. Move into an apartment with the bare minimum, one cup, one plate, one fork and knife. stay this way for a month.

24. Sleep outside. no tent. use a sleeping bag and let the sun wake you up. once you're up, knock out a few pushups. 25. Go to a casino. Just fuck around watch others play. Watch the excitement on their faces and the others thinking โ€œfuck I canโ€™t pay rentโ€. Enjoy the stories.

I have graced you with a few. You DO NOT want to miss the rest. You know what to do.

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