#skts At the All Japan Youth Camp: Two thoughts ran through Sakusa's head the first time he ever saw Atsumu serve at training camp. The first thought? "How obnoxious." The second? "I want to date him."

Unfortunately for him, Hoshiumi happened to be doing his warm ups within hearing distance as he said that last part aloud. He scoffed at Sakusa's declaration, drawing attention to himself. "Who, Miya? Have you spent more than 2 seconds with him? He's a walking red flag."

The next words out of Sakusa's mouth unbidden, without thought or consent, "I'm colorblind." Automatically he bit his tongue as he felt himself blush to the roots of his hair as Hoshiumi turned to him, face plastered with a shit-eating grin.

"Well you gotta be, if you think that piss hair is attractive." Before he could deny it, the shorter boy barreled on, "Does Motoya-kun know about your little crush?" Sakusa grumbled. "No, and don't tell him. You weren't even supposed to hear that in the first place"

Hoshiumi shrugged as he started towards the other side of the net, "Relax, your secret's safe with me. I got nothing to gain from spreading it around, so why would I care?" Sakusa let out a sigh of relief. He's glad no one else had overheard his slip up.

God forbid his cousin or any other of the loud mouths here find out about his attraction to Miya. For teenage boys, they sure loved to gossip like a bunch of old ladies. Crisis averted, Sakusa bent down to tie his shoe before making his way over to his place for the next 3 on 3

blissfully unaware of Atsumu frozen behind him, water bottle in hand, red from his ears to his chest. Hoshiumi's right, what would he have to gain from telling Miya when he saw him listening the entire time? //Fin

Smth short and sweet? I love the idea that Omi talks to himself out loud when deep in thought, the habit occasionally biting him in the ass. Idk this was cheesy lol

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