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If you consume and take action on these 10 creators’ free content for just 1 year, you’ll be better at writing than people who pay $200,000 for English degrees: 🧵

1. @TimStodz Tim is someone I look up to and learn from daily. And as the owner of multiple marketing agencies and an investor in many other businesses, he’s way more than just a personal brand. 100% endorsed.

@TimStodz 2. @thejustinwelsh Justin was already the king of LinkedIn, and now he’s one of the most powerful creators on Twitter too. In my opinion, he’s the single best resource for personal branding on the planet. No exaggeration.

@TimStodz @thejustinwelsh 3. @OneJKMolina The GOAT from Guatemala. JK practically started a new micro niche of service providers (social media ghostwriting) before moving on to other projects. He’s great for writing, building offers, and earning online in general.

@TimStodz @thejustinwelsh @OneJKMolina 4. @WrongsToWrite Cool dude and extremely talented. Has Twitter down to a science and shares writing tips basically every day. One of my favorite accounts and one of my favorite online acquaintances.

@TimStodz @thejustinwelsh @OneJKMolina @WrongsToWrite 5. @getpaidwrite I like this account because it does everything typical writing accounts do, but it also shares tips that are more in-depth and unique. Follow it to add a little bit of artfulness to your writing.

@TimStodz @thejustinwelsh @OneJKMolina @WrongsToWrite @getpaidwrite 6. @GrammarHippy Probably my favorite copywriting account (most others on this list talk about content 90% of the time, which is a bit different). He also has a unique, eye-catching style that’s a joy to read.

@TimStodz @thejustinwelsh @OneJKMolina @WrongsToWrite @getpaidwrite @GrammarHippy 7. @thedankoe Dan has the perfect combination of killer mindset content and real skill to back it up. Come for the tweets about spirituality, stay for the in-depth education on how to make a living as a creator.

@TimStodz @thejustinwelsh @OneJKMolina @WrongsToWrite @getpaidwrite @GrammarHippy @thedankoe 8. @waronweakness Eddy was one of the first connections I made when I made this account three years ago, and we’ve loosely worked together ever since. He’s great with content writing, copywriting, and email.

@TimStodz @thejustinwelsh @OneJKMolina @WrongsToWrite @getpaidwrite @GrammarHippy @thedankoe @waronweakness 9. @ItsKieranDrew Kieran fairly recently quit his lucrative job in dentistry to become a copywriter, and I’ve personally watched his skills explode over the last year. His threads are especially good.

@TimStodz @thejustinwelsh @OneJKMolina @WrongsToWrite @getpaidwrite @GrammarHippy @thedankoe @waronweakness @ItsKieranDrew 10. @copyblogger Copyblogger has been one of the biggest writing/marketing education companies on the internet for over a decade. I used to read their blog every week when I was coming up, and I still subscribe to their newsletter.

@TimStodz @thejustinwelsh @OneJKMolina @WrongsToWrite @getpaidwrite @GrammarHippy @thedankoe @waronweakness @ItsKieranDrew @copyblogger That’s all of them. If you liked this thread: 1. Follow me @writingtoriches 2. Like/RT the tweet below 3. Click my bio link to get a free gift Thanks for reading 🤝

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