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7 reasons why I see talented people stumble in their careers:

1/ Being a pessimist Pessimists will always find a reason why things won't work and hence don't put in the effort They make their beliefs self-fulfilling. Other smart people don't want to work with them

2/ Being narcissistic Building a company is a team sport, not an individual sport Narcissistic people poison the well. Team morale suffers, progress suffers

3/ Being excessively argumentative Knowing which battles to pick and when to let things go is a critical skill People who want to get everything their way find a way to mentally exhaust everyone around them

4/ Having a strong ideology Keeping an open mind, being willing to hear other points of view, and reflecting on them is how you learn new things Talented people who are excessively rigid, stop learning and deny themselves an opportunity to leverage their talents to the maximum

5/ Being passive-aggressive Direct communication is a hallmark of high-performing teams There is nothing worse to productivity/impact than having someone seemingly agree in words but do the opposite in action Lose the trust of others around you → lose career growth

6/ Lack of ambition In a high-performance team full of ambitious people, peers enable each other to achieve outsized results Conversely, working with paper pushers reduces a team's motivation to do excellent work

7/ Follow the crowd mentality All high-performance leaders want their ideas to be challenged in a constructive way Think from first principles → Enable the leader and team to succeed Be a Yes Man → Relegate the team to execute on an underwhelming plan

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