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USING YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS TO SOLVE LIFE PROBLEMS FOR YOU At the close of each day, write a List of the five most important things for the next day. Run them over in the mind just before going to sleep, not thoughtfully, or with elaboration of detail, but with...

...the sure knowledge that the deeper centres of the mind are capable of viewing them constructively even though conscious attention is surrendered in sleep.

If you have a particular problem which seems difficult to solve, just before bed, lightly review it for the imaginative unconscious to play with during the night. Do not be discouraged if no immediate results are apparent. Trust in your superconscious that it will solve.

Remember that fiction, poetry, musical composition, inventions and innumerable ideas spring from the Unconscious, often in forms that give evidence of the highest capabilities of this force. For example, the periodic table came to the inventor in a dream.

Give your unconscious a chance. Give it the material, and stimulate it with keenly dwelt-on ideas. It is a habit which, if persisted in, will sooner or later present you with some very valuable ideas when you least expect them.

This is the essence of why we are told 'sleep on it' During the state of unconscious dreaming, although our logical conscious mind is not 'thinking' of it, it is being worked on by our subconscious. You can intentionally use this power by consciously suggesting it work to do.

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