Hiddeπ Amur∆Ka: Thr𓂀ce (G)REatEST ॐ

Hiddeπ Amur∆Ka: Thr𓂀ce (G)REatEST ॐ



The Omega Point (🧵) "The worst thing about Slavery is that eventually the Slaves begin to like it." - Aristotle We are currently at the Omega Point. The Matrix isn't broken, it's working exactly how it is supposed to work. The Best Slaves don't even realize they are Slaves.

"Humanity is at a standstill and from there is a straight path to downfall & degeneration. There is nothing that points to evolution proceeding. Modern culture requires automatons. People are undoubtedly losing their acquired habits of independence & turning into Automatons."

"Man is turning into parts of machines, Man is becoming a willing slave. He no longer needs chains. He begins to grow fond of his slavery, to be proud of it. And this is the most terrible thing that can happen to a man.” G.I. Gurdijeff This is America! Conform. Obey. Sleep.

The Mind is All. The Universe is Mental. The Matrix is set up to imprison the Right Brain, suppressing its operations & capabilities, in order to impose a narrow 3D based & 5 senses only materialistic linear logic & sequential Left Brain structure of “thinking” upon Mankind.

Perception is Reality. Control the Perception. The Matrix or Control System All Around us acts through the Left Brain on a Conscious level, while it implants a fraudulent mask of the Right Brain to substitute for the real Right Brain & its inherent multi-dimensional connection.

The Pineal and Pituitary Gland act as an INTERFACE between these Two Brain Hemispheres, and a Portal to the Higher Crown Chakra or Higher Dimensions.

Are the Two Testaments in the Bible a symbol for liberating humanity from the SLAVERY OF THE LEFT BRAIN (material, linear, analytical) and into the freedom of the RIGHT BRAIN capable of computing Empathy, Love & Wisdom? Materialism is institutionalized Satanism. RHP Satanism.

Are we supposed to alchemically transmute the "Old Testament" into the "New Testament"? Dark to Light. Lead to GOLD. Testament can literally be broken down to etymologically mean "Will of the Mind". It is are responsibility to release ourselves from our self imposed shackles.

"If the Human Body were laid out with the arms spread in the shape of any of these buildings (Temples, Churches), it would be found that the High Altar would occupy the same relative position in the building that the Brain occupies in the Human Body." - Manly P. Hall

The Altar represents the Skull, and the “KEYS TO THE KINGDOM” held by 'St. Peter' (or currently the 'POPE') at the Vatican represent the power to shut-off or reactivate the Pineal & Pituitary Glands as an organic Inner Portal, that helps us to access with the Higher Dimensions.

In the Human Brain, just as there is the left and right hemisphere, there is the Left & Right Amygdala. Biblically, these are the Two Mary's. Mary Magdalene & the Virgin Mary. The Physical Birth & the Spiritual Birth.

Just as there left & right Amygdalas and the left & right Thalamus (pun of Babylonian “Tammuz”), the more central PINEAL & PITUITARY glands are not located at each hemisphere mirroring each other, but they are “male” and single, located centrally  -one above and the other below.

This Anatomy of the Brain is the origin of the Christian esoteric allegory of the “Father” (above) and the “Son” (below).  Later in the Gospel narrative, they fractalize in the 2 main figures of “Peter & Paul”. The Pineal & Pituitary are your Joseph & Mary. Shiva & Shakti.

Now the Christmas tradition in Christianity has Jesus born in a manger, yet also other customs have him born in a CAVE used as a manger; this is the 'Cave of Brahman' inside the Brain, where the Pineal & Pituitary are able to light up like a Christmas Tree, the real meaning.

The “CAVE OF BRAHMA” is the Inner Cave inside the Brain,  right above the Pineal & Pituitary. This is the Kingdom of Heaven, the true thrONE of God. The Problem is we are stuck in Plato's Cave End of Part ONE 🧵🔚

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