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Google Chrome Extensions are the most powerful productivity tools on earth. Use them properly and they'll save you hours, days, even weeks. Here are 10 of the best:

A tutorial generator everyone needs for teaching people how to use any website/app/tool. Click record. Do the thing. Boom. 👇 Auto-generated step-by-step guide for the thing you just did. Beats taking screenshots and pasting into docs all day long.

Find any doc, create new ones, and follow your teammates' projects—all from your new tab. Don’t ever hunt for that link again. Quickly access your work when you need it. Find anything you’ve worked on recently in a few keystrokes.

Momentum has been my longest-standing chrome extension—it turns your New Tab page into a focused, productive dashboard. Features: • Save links • Choose powerful quotes • View beautiful scenery daily • Have your to-do list readily available

What if staying focused meant planting real trees on planet Earth? Forest team partners with a real-tree planting organization to plant trees when you focus. It’s like a phone game that gives you time rather than taking it away from you.

News Feed Eradicator Do you get caught scrolling newsfeeds on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social sites? You’re not alone. NFE removes the feed on these sites and replaces it with an inspirational quote. All of a sudden you’ll get hours of your day back.

An AI-powered writing tool that understands what you’re trying to say, and suggests ways to make your writing more clear, compelling, and authentic. It helps: • Reduce editing time • You write with confidence • Expand vocabulary • Write clearly

Waldo is like Google search on steroids. Its promise? Halve your research time, using the best curated sources online. It deep scans each search result to pull out useful ideas or relevant data in an easily skimmable, searchable format.

A web scraper that's fast, free & requires no coding or signup. Designed to run locally in your browser, you can scrape into Airtable, Zapier, G Sheets & more with 1 click. You can even create automated scraping recipes and turn them into APIs.

Toucan is your best friend for learning a new language efficiently. It turns words in your browser into a language of your choice, helping you pick them up in your natural browsing activities. Friction to learning new languages = removed.

An eye-care extension that enables night mode for any website on the fly. It inverts bright colors, making them high contrast & easy to read. It also has no ads and is fully open-source.

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