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Fund Traders



Quick #forex Prop Trading Tip: save thousands in slippage Internal liquidity/order matching looks like attached image. If trader enters: 4 lot order - filled at first level 8lot - first two levels 20 lot order, it has to go up to third level cot'd

20 lot buy limit order will not be filled until 3rd level of ask ladder crosses trigger price. Meanwhile 4x 5 lots would fill 1 at the touch of first and then depending on the liq refresh rate might fill all at 1st and 2nd level cotd

Market orders for large lots could result in fills far away from market (example 1) Price could trade through your trigger but not fill (waiting for proper liquidity) (ex 2) Stops will also be more favorably treated if they are split up and slight price difference apart. cot'd

If order matching engine needs to service 100 lot stop, it could fill you very far up the ladder / trigger early At the very least, test new program with partial size to make sure there are no fill issues. Lost few funded accounts this year assuming liquidity behind products

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