Yes, $DFI price dropped, and that sucks. But its still the coin that I am most bullish on. Simply because @defichain is the only network with such a massive utility that I use on a weekly basis. Let me give you an example: 🧵

Over the last months I build up a "beta" portfolio with decentralized stocks on @defichain. (yes, platform risk and all, I know. I also have "real" stocks, don't worry). I started off with a mix of SPY, TLT, GLD etc. and put them into LM with borrowed DUSD from my DFI vault.

When MCHI came along, I also added a position for that, but didn't reduce my SPY position (cause I thought I will just add more of the others over time from all my massive crypto gains... 🤦‍♂️)

Today I reviewed that portfolio. First thing: The portfolio is up over the last month (comission included, rewards not) which is awesome on its own. I also realized the imbalanced stocks, so I decided to shift some of that over to BTC and DFI.

Now imagine doing this in traditional finance: selling $SPY and moving the funds into crypto. Would involve transfers from one broker to another, sometimes with high fees and substantial waiting times. always hoping that none of them makes any problem.

On @defichain, it was a matter of 15 minutes, and I could have done it on a sunday evening with *noone* being able to stop me from doing it. And that is just next level awesome. Earning cashflow on this diversified portfolio is just the cherry on top.

So don't let the prices drag you down. There will be better prices in the future. Right now: build and enjoy cashflow.

btw: even if we remove all $DFI rewards, the commission alone is crazy: Go ask your TradFi broker if you can get 8% APR (current commission on dSPY pool) for holding SPY in your account. 🤣 He will probably charge you that 8%.😬

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