#miyacestober2022 day 2 - "No one will love you but me" - control Nsfw - CW: Bondage / Degradation / Vibrator When Osamu opens the door of his apartment, the sound of broken moans welcomes him. Hearing that, he holds down a vicious smirk and enters the living room. +

There sits Atsumu in all his naked glory. He's sitting down on a chair, wrists and calves tied up. Seeing his brother, Osamu sighs. "I've only been away for an hour, Tsumu. How can you be this messy already?" +

And a mess Atsumu is. His eyes are wet with tears and don't seem to be focusing on anything and the gag sitting in his mouth is drenched in saliva. On his abs lays the product of at least two orgasms but his wet cock is still standing erect. +

"You're pathetic, Tsumu. Just a tiny vibrator is getting you this worked up, coming untouched. I don't even have to do anything, do I? I could just leave you by yourself here and you'd be satisfied." At that, Atsumu whines. +

"What? Is that a complaint I'm hearing? This can't be true. You would know better, right?" He comes closer to his twin and leans down to untie the gag. "Speak up, Tsumu. I'm feeling generous tonight. If you beg me pretty enough, I might hear you out." +

Atsumu swallows down a sob. "Touch me Samu." "I said /beg/." snaps Osamu as he grabs Atsumu by the neck to make him look at him. "Please, Samu, touch me. I need ya. Anything you'll give me. Pleasepleaspleaseplease." +

Osamu chuckles darkly. "Have you deserved it though? You've been a /whore/ Tsumu. You don't think I haven't noticed the way you've been all over your teammates tonight? You were /disgusting/ Tsumu." He spats on his face at that. +

"Please Samu," Atsumu cries, "It wasn't like that, I swear. There's only you." That seems to be the right thing to say. He releases his grip on Atsumu's neck and starts to stroke his cheek. Atsumu leans down on it as if his sanity depends on it. It probably does. +

"There's only me, you say? You're damn right, there's only me. No one will love you but me, Tsumu. No one can. Not like I do." "I love ya Samu, IloveyaIloveyaIloveya", he starts to sound delirious. +

The vibrator stimulating his prostate combined with the affection Osamu is giving is edging him closer and closer to his climax. Osamu starts to stroke his cock slowly. Atsumu bends into the touch. +

"I love you too Tsumu. Never forget that. Only me. I /own/ you." And with a last stroke, Atsumu comes with a shout that sounds more like a cry and Osamu promptly swallows down the sound down by joining their mouths into a kiss. +

The night is far from over but both loose themselves in the moment, kissing each other as if they were on their last breath. /End/

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