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Wolfie Christl



Please don’t believe the press releases sent out by Starbucks on how they’re handling the coronavirus pandemic. There are several horror stories being shared by Chicagoland area baristas. I’ll share some of these concerns in this thread:

(1)Some stores have been closed, yes. But the baristas were not sent home to quarantine. Instead they were sent to other open stores, where business is painfully slow. This means there are around 10+ baristas per shift at some stores right now, making social distancing impossible

(2) Catastrophe Pay is incredibly difficult to get right now, since the requirements are that a barista tests positive or has proof someone they’ve been in contact with has tested positive.

(3) Considering getting tested is also nearly impossible, this is not a system that works or puts the health of employees or the public at the forefront.

(4) Information about baristas who are sick or have come into contact with someone who is confirmed or has symptoms of COVIDQ19 has been consistently withheld from baristas.

(5) Across the board, the policy of 2 weeks pay for stores that have closed is not being applied consistently and seems to vary from case to case. Not all baristas are being offered pay if their store closes.

(6) Partners and the public should be aware of this information so they can make informed choices about their health and safety before entering a Starbucks.

RT/Share/spread this everywhere! It is unacceptable for @Starbucks to risk the healthy and safety of their barristas for the measly pay given!

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