Kiwiᴵᶜʸ🥝🐿 semi ia

Kiwiᴵᶜʸ🥝🐿 semi ia



... listen to me Rich alpha hwx who is looking for a surrogate because he wants to have a kid and become a mom (obviously biologicaly he can't cause he's an alpha), finds Jxxng, an omega who is not interested at all in having kids nor a family and is only interested in his

carrier and is looking for a way to make easy money. They meet e/o because they have friends in common and after tons of negotiations, Jxxng thinks it's a great idea so he carries Hwx's (and his own kid). Everything is in vitr0 and very professional, but when Jxxng hands

the baby out to Hwx, he kinda starts to dream about a relationship with the successful alpha because he melts at seeing him with /their/ baby. They both decide to stay as friends because they became close and Jxxng has to watch how Hwx is the best parent out there for years,

while he's the cool uncle that is around. Ofc Jxxng doesn't even know how to explain hwx how he feels, and he's happy that he can be in their lives even if it's not as he wishes. And Hwx loves to have Jxxng around and even if he doesn't voice it, the little toddler and omega

are his family.

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