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Modern day living has hooked, hacked & hijacked your brain.. Dopamine addiction has turned you into a lazy, unproductive junkie This is an in - depth guide to completely rewire your brain & Start living your true potential in less than 30 days.. Thread /

Think back to when you were a kid, early teens, bursting with energy, curious about everything, ambitious, desire to have it all. sparkle in your eye, fire in your spirit. Do you feel like this now? In your 20's or early 30's.. even later. What happened? What changed?

Who you are today is an empty shell of who you wanted to become. A flicker of dying light compared to the blinding radiance of your true potential It's a shame. What brought you here? Well a lot of things have their say in the matter, but they all led to one thing..

A drastic change in brain chemistry. Now this thread will be long, but if you stick to it till the very end, I promise you will find a solution to 90% of your behavior, motivation, productivity and Addiction problems.. Read on to fight this curse, once and for all..

Times have changed. This society you currently live in, drastically rewards instant gratification You are so used to seeking pleasure, so comfortable in getting everything quick, easy and at the click of a button.. You've over stimulated your brain to the point where..

.. your dopamine receptors are fried. Desensitized. Understand this, everytime you indulge in pleasure seeking behavior the dopamine activity in the meso - limbic pathways of your brain is severely influenced Varying from extreme high to low from the normal baseline levels

What does this mean for you? This means you are constantly in a state of spike in activity in the pleasure centres in your brain When a heightened state of pleasure is your normal level of functioning, Regular life just loses its shine. This is why, currently..

You don't have any drive to accomplish anything, you have no discipline to stick to a plan, you have low libido, you feel no emotions or pleasure.. You are essentially a pleasure seeking zombie trapped in a mortals skin. Trapped in a loop of reward & craving But..

This is not permanent No, there is hope. The human brain is neuroplastic. Which means it changes to adapt to stimulus. This means you can go back to the old you with effort and a proper plan of action.. This is what I'm here to do for you. Let's begin..

How do you bring balance into your dopamine reward system again? Very simply by ' fasting ' You abstain from all the activities that spike your dopamine receptors for an extended period to gradually re calibrate them to baseline Now this is not as easy as it sounds..

When in a dopamine addiction loop, abstinence is the hardest thing to do.. You may think this is the same as telling an alcoholic the best method to quit is to stop drinking.. Well yes, it is in fact the only method But it all boils down to HOW you do it.. Let me explain.

Fasting from these activities for a period of 30 days will reset your dopamine levels Getting to these 30 days is the big ask You cannot do this with willpower A dopamine addict has NO willpower This is why advice like find a purpose is nonsense to quit an addiction

Sure you may find a purpose and a goal, but how are you going to get there if you have no drive or motivation? There is only one way - by building systems You need systems to handle every step in the addiction process. Then you need to build habits to follow these systems.

This is how you quit any addiction and break any habit This is how I've helped my clients quit porn, weed, alcohol, pills, smoking, do dopamine resets This is the only thing that works sure willpower helps, but systems are efficient and last longer. They transform your life

Follow these basic rules and begin a dopamine fast. Most dopamine addicts struggle with these behaviours ; β€’ Emotional eating β€’ Internet/gaming β€’ Gambling/shopping β€’ Porn/Masturbation β€’ Thrill/novelty seeking β€’ Recreational drugs Goal is to fast from them for 30 days

When you begin, the first 3 days are going to be the hardest. You will face these : Irritability Depression Cravings Mood swings Handle this with simple systems for distraction - go for walks, live with your mother, sleep all day, hike, pray Point is to get through 3 days

After 3 days the worst is passed, at this point you are currently feeling this : β€’ Slight increase in energy levels β€’ Stabilized mood β€’ Marginal increase in motivation β€’ Better mental clarity β€’ Reduced cravings Now it is time to build systems and habits

Make a routine; Plan out the next 30 days in detail. Have it mapped out to every hour, never have a blank time slot When you have nothing to do the brain reverts back to old Habits Boredom breeds depravity

While you go through this routine on a daily basis you will have to fight two things β€’ Cravings β€’ Rationalizations Cravings are the dopamine pathways screaming for attention. They want to be fed Rationalizations are your brain tricking you into feeding them Fight both

Building systems to fight cravings : The key to this is to keep them simple. Simplicity means repeatable. Repeatable means habit forming. Interrupt a negative chain of thought Do 3 sets of push-ups max reps Change your environment Go for a walk Visit a friend Meditate Pray

Urge surfing : Urges rarely last longer than 30 mins if you don't feed them. How you handle these 30 mins will decide if you relapse or not Anything you repeat gets stronger, anything you don't gets weaker over time Eventually dies out..

This technique is an extension of mindfulness, When you get a craving to indulge, Watch the breath. Don’t alter it. Let the breath breathe itself. Now, Notice your thoughts. Without judging, gently bring your attention back to the breath Repeat till it passes

Similarly you can also build systems to avoid triggers ( specific to your addiction ), ignore rationalizations, systems to avoid relapse. Will explain in future threads.. Do this for 30 days and your brain should have healed significantly.

When I coach my clients, I teach them how to fight addictions by building systems to fight stimuli and techniques to redirect their emotions whilst simultaneously fixing brain chemistry Very effective, helped a brother quit weed after 10+ yrs of daily smoking

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