How you can 10x your income from gumroad courses/memberships while working fewer hours This system can make you $30-50k/month while you work 3-5 hours per week Thread:

If you're selling a gumroad course or membership, chances are it's a low ticket offer A low ticket offer is anything below $500 Now, selling low ticket offers is good if you have upsells in the backend But if you don't, you're losing 90% of your money on the table

Each person's audience has 4 segments: 1. Brokies who keep complaining 2. Beginners who start with low-ticket courses 3. Bit advanced people who buy coaching 4. Business owners who buy implementation If you want to maximize your revenue, have an offer for each segment

But creating multiple offers at the same time isn't ideal So what you do instead, is start with a DWY-type mid/high ticket program You can charge anywhere from $1000 to $5,000 for these programs

Now, your students will be much more invested in implementing what your're teaching The clientele would be much more high quality And you'll have to fulfillment for less customers while making more money Hormozi explained this the best

You'll have 1. More profit 2. Better positioning in the market 3. Better student results 4. Better customer service And less time in fulfillment because you're working with a handful of people instead of hundreds

Okay, all this is good but let's run the numbers: To make $30k/month with a low ticket course If the course is $49 You'd need to go and find ~610 new students every month On the other hand, you can simply get 10 students at $3k each and life would be much easier

Now you might think: "Oh but I won't be able to convince people to pay me $3,000" Maybe you're right Maybe you don't have the right content and market positioning

So you need to come up with a BIG Idea, an unfair edge over everyone else in the market, social proof etc And then, once you have the right positioning, you can get people to pay you $1-3k without thinking twice

then you can do a launch campaign as I explain in the mind map below

And no, you don't need to do sales calls Once you have the right content, social proof, and expert status in the market And you're clearly different from everyone else, people would be begging you to take their money and teach them

I have 3-5 people every week in my DMs ready to buy my coaching program But I don't do coaching, so they're either waiting Or going to someone else This means, by not having any offers for my audience, I'm losing money on the table

But don't be like me I'm lazy and focused on my main business where I'm working with personal brands to do exactly what I outlined above

So now, you have the entire roadmap of going from selling $27 gumroad ebooks to selling $1-3k programs The fulfillment will take you 3-5 hours per week if done right And the content, marketing & sales will take another 10-20 hours a week

If you don't wanna handle the marketing & sales, and systemize the operations so it all takes ~5 hours a week Then DM me and let's see if we can work together Requirement: You need minimum 10k followers

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