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I wrote a sales page... Spent money on ads... And it didn't sell. I did these 8 things (6 of them have NOTHING to do with copy)... And it sold a whopping $600,000 worth of products. Here are those 8 things and how you can use them yourself: A Masterclass. >>> A Thread 🧵 <<<

Let me paint you a picture real quick: You or your client launch a sales page. It doesn't sell. Panic. You're lost. As is he... But your client looks at you. "You're the professional. Now what?" "I'll look into it" you say while sweating bullets. And then you read this thread!

Here's the first thing you need to understand: A sales page is like a puzzle. It has a lot of moving pieces. So a sales page that doesn't sell... usually can be fixed. And even turned into a best-seller. So what are the different parts of a sales page?

Let's break it down into two different types of structures. The first is the actual structure of the page. It usually looks a lot like this: • Headline • Lead • Body copy • Offer • Guarantee • Bonuses • FAQ With buttons in-between them. Then...

There's the user-journey part of the sales page. And it goes a lot like this: • Click • View • ATC • IC • Purchase Click from the ad/post -> viewing the page -> Add to cart button -> Initial checkout page -> Purchase. Now here's why we need to understand this:

In a nutshell? Those are clues. Knowing the numbers between each stage will allow us to find the sticky point and fix it. Makes sense? Now… here’s the kicker: Even without any techniques - you can guess the problem based on the numbers. Lemme show you:

Click -> View 100 Clicks. 30 Views. What’s the problem? One of two things: 1. Irrelevant traffic (clicked by mistake) 2. Slow page load Easy. Right?

View -> ATC 100 Views. 1 ATC. This may be caused by a big variety of problems. It could be: • The hook… • The copy itself… • The price point… And many more elements. This is why most of our techniques below will help with this step.

ATC -> IC 10 ATCs. 5 ICs. We’re losing people from clicking a button to moving to the next page?? Either a technical problem or load time. Most likely tech problem.

IC -> Pur 10 ICs. 2 Pur. Only 20% conversion rate on the checkout page? One of three problems: 1. Showed ATC button before building enough value. 2. Payment gateway (or currency) not fitting your geo-targeting. 3. Technical problem with the payment gateway. So…

As you can see… We have most of our solutions solely based on numbers. But what if we know the numbers… And it’s still not enough? In this case? We need to get outside help. More specifically - one of those techniques:

1. Find someone in your target market and show him or her the page. “Oh come on George. Who’s gonna do that?” I know. I thought so too. But there’s a reason I listed this as the first technique. It works wonders. Try. Fixed my page within one conversation.

2. Change the hook + lead. Try changing the headline and the first ~20% of the copy on the page. If there’s a problem with the copy - it’s probably there. Try to use a completely different angle. Check view -> ATC after you’ve changed.

3. GTMetrix Run your site in there. See how fast (or slow) it loads. Sometimes numbers won’t show you… but you’re not getting sales because your page isn’t loading. Optimize photos (shrink them) if it’s slow + remove scripts. Run again to see results.

4. Show your page to a fellow copywriter Sometimes we’re so deep into something… We miss the most obvious things. Try this. It helps a lot. In fact… I show every single page I write to at least one more copywriter before launching.

5. Use recording software. Install a “spy” on your site that lets you see the recordings of the user behavior. You can see their behavior and easily see where they stop reading or where they exit. A good one is “Fullstory”.

6. Add a timer You will not believe how many pages this one fixed for me. I literally had a page that sold nothing… then we added a timer… That page went on to sell 6 figures. Same audience and the same platform. The only difference? Timer.

7. Change your offer And I can not stress this enough… This is probably the most common reason your sales page doesn’t sell. If nobody wants what you’re selling… Nothing will save you except for changing what (or how) you’re selling.

8. Change medium to product fit I see this a lot. People try to sell $2,000 products using sales pages… This is just not how it works… usually… You either sell it through a phone call or a webinar. Got it? Good. Now…

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