FTX breaking every law ever and then doubling down and trying to steal client funds. This is beyond greed. No one rational, once caught, would resort to this. Especially residing in the bahamas, which is akin to just handing yourself over. Sam’s a fed plant and you know it.

It was irrational to begin with, now it’s overkill. They tried to buy as many stadiums, sports teams, athletes, companies, real estate, etc as they could knowing they’d default while making themselves as public as possible and cozying up to DC. Transparent attempt at max damage

Lets look at everyone else caught Sifu - fled to dubai 3AC - fled to dubai Do Kwon - fled, whereabouts unknown SBF - gets caught, then exchange gets hacked, then attempts to steal client funds… with no attempt to flee the bahamas Absurd. This isn’t fugitive behavior. 100% fed

At some point, having lost 10B, knowing full well you’ll be caught, having a net worth of 0$ but access to 1B in liquid assets, you’d have a contingency wherein you’d escape to a sovereign nation with no extradition laws. Self preservation is human instinct. Sam had months. Fed.

This isn’t someone worried about their own welfare or the welfare of their family. Having just stolen from everyone, that would be the instinctive top priority. Insane number of laws broken and people in close physical proximity betrayed. Literally 0 fear. Not in custody. Fed.

Is there even a single narrative on tv that highlights the laundry list of his crimes and demands justice to be carried out? The only things I’ve seen posted on twitter are calls for crypto regulation. Can anyone find a single tweet from any politician calling for sam’s arrest?

Everything about this is so farcical. What’s the alternative to him not being a fed? He’s a psychopath that wanted to inflict max damage then get intentionally caught by police or attacked by victims? Fine, then why isn’t he in custody and where are the calls for arrest? Absurd

Claiming sam’s a fed plant based on all gathered evidence is rational. Claiming he’s a stupid criminal is the conspiracy theory that requires heavy amounts of mental gymnastics. You couldn’t write fiction like this if you even tried. Literally unreal.

After being caught and admitting guilt: FTX employees took $ to change kyc to bahamas for withdrawals FTX was hacked and all funds were drained FTX’s website and mobile app were updated to infect users with trojans FTX tried to extract funds from user bank accounts No arrest

hmm i wonder if there are highly negative consequences to tweeting this lol uhh it’s just wild speculation and idk what i’m talking about etc also v happy and healthy and not depressed etc pls no nuke gainzy

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