islam being the most feminist religion in the world - a thread

permits marital rape

a woman's testimony is half that of a man bc women are stupid

a woman can't travel w/o her husband or a male relative

a woman can't wear perfume

women can't be rulers

allah commands woman to be veiled in order to avoid harassment instead of punishing the men who harrass women. also female slaves are allowed be raped bc they're subhuman

divorced women have to wait for three months in order to remarry.

allah and muhammad allow men to beat their wives. women aren't allowed to complain about it either.

a common argument that islam apologists make to prove that wife-beating is un-islamic is that muhammad never beated his wives, but here is aisha herself testifying that he once struck her in the chest.

women are fields

men get double the inheritance of women

allah and muhammad allow men to have sex slaves

women have to obey their husbands

women are demonic

women must be locked in their homes until they die for commiting adultery.

end of thread. i know this thread probably won't get a lot of traction, but i hope i can open some people's eyes to islam's horrible teachings.

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