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Comprehensive thread on successful civilian counter-measures against the military in a illegal force by govt. situation to refute all the “your AR-15 won’t save you if…” comments. All supposedly overpowering advantages will be addressed

THE TANK. They believe it’s invincible. Red—all infrared & electronic viewing equipment. Blue—periscopes for driver & commander. An easier shot than you’d think; can do with several men ambushing. Hit these and they have to maneuver with hatches open. Highly vulnerable crew then

The back exposes more vulnerabilities. Hit the automated machine gun in its mechanisms—disabled. Crew have to open hatch to fix/use. Commanders manual periscopes are hard to see from while wearing a helmet. Most vulnerable part of tracks displayed. Small explosives effective

The military motorpool. This is where all vehicles stay. Often bordering wooded or open areas; or even adjacent to the main post by some distance. Highly vulnerable; lightly or unguarded. Massive damage or casualties easily caused in minutes by a few rifles. Theft possible

“JETS”/“BOMBS”/“DRONES” This is the airfield. It suffers the same issues as motorpools in innate lack of security & vulnerability. These are guarded full time by undertrained airmen who aren’t up to par for serious threats by sizable groups. Could cause massive loss in minutes

These are all the common vehicles and set ups for drone use in field

The two left photos are the most fielded systems. Multiple weak points. Shooting the radio dish or antenna knocks out drone capabilities. Shooting the retrans equipment does the same or cripples. The mobile command post—the box is the generator. No inherent weapon system.

The mobile command post commander needs to open hatch when maneuvering

The first—self explanatory. The updated, wheeled command post—shot tires makes immobile. The box is a a/c unit and possibly ventilation altogether, I forget. But that can be exploited in a lock out situation

“DRONES” more on actual drones. You can hear and see the small ones. They’re getting the jump on infantry men now because they’ve been trained to overfocus on the ground and elevation, not this new risk. Can be destroyed with small arms. How to hide from them incoming

“HELICOPTERS” A tough one honestly. They’re nearly impossible to hit effectively. They can pivot and race. Can kill you with guns or rockets. They can kill jets. Not doing tech schemes. But there’s a Heaven-sent solution that the taliban implemented in the Afghanistan occupation

Emergency blankets hide your heat signature. This with additional “ghillie suit”or foliage colored mylar makes you invisible to visible light and infrared optics employed by militaries. You can hide from air assets and attack them opportunistically on the ground with impunity

The Taliban employed this tactic repeatedly for years; successfully denying air assets control, locking down outposts and eluding patrols.

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