Lewin | Wealth Pill 💊

Lewin | Wealth Pill 💊



If you're a man addicted to PORN, read this:

1. Take daily cold showers. You watch porn when you're; • Bored • Stressed • Depressed But freezing cold water hold a solution for you. Here's why; • It kills your sexual urges • Helps you kill depression • Builds your self-discipline

Hint: Take a cold shower when you feel down, depressed or stressed

2. Learn social skills. 98% of men who watch porn are socially weird. Learn how to; • Hold conversations • Manipulation • Role playing This'll help you interact with ladies and date more. Hint: Date classy women out of your league, challenge yourself son.

3. Chase a purpose Nothing worse than a man with zero ambitions He's a slave to; • Cheap dopamine • Low self worth • Impulses Porn destruct you from your goals killing your ambitions and your inner drive.

Substitute this toxic habit by chasing a goal. Do this • Learn a high income skill • Travel 2+ countries per yr • Open businesses Son, focus your energy on what makes your future great.

4. Get active when alone Your mind is poison when it's idle Do this; • Avoid scrolling your phone • Write your thoughts down • Take a walk in nature You can doom yourself in solitude or cure your generation son.

5. Work out 7x a week Drain your energy in the gym if you want to be god-like Gym's where; • A boy becomes a man • You build a character • Your mental strength heightens Spend 1hr in the gym and you'll never regret.

6. Make sex a reward to yourself What's scarce is valuable Fact; Porn makes you masturbate This kills your testosterone which; • Boost your energy • Sharpen your thinking • Helps you build muscle

Porn messes with your brain. Here's how; • It make you docile • Weaken your mind • Paralyze concentration Quit it and get your life in order.

It's Saturday Wake up call, Son, stick with me and you'll learn more on; • Business strategies • Mental frameworks • Relationships • Social skills Let's meet on next Saturday for more.

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