SkTs Horror Game Streamer!Omi “You can open your eyes now,” Sakusa huffed a laugh as he watched Atsumu shake his head. Fingers still covering his eyes. “Absolutely not. There was so much blood, Omi,” Atsumu moaned weakly, still hearing the squelching noises of monsters being

killed. “I know, baby,” Sakusa glanced at his chat, going crazy for his boyfriend as usual. “Chat says you’re too cute and they want to pinch your cheeks.” Atsumu perked up, only removing one hand to wave at the camera. “Tell me when I’m safe, chat. I don’t trust him.” One time

of telling Atsumu he was good to look, as giant spiders crawled all over the screen. Wrapping characters up to eat them. One time, and he had never forgiven Sakusa for it. “Chat says to trust me because I’m the best boyfriend,” Sakusa could hear Atsumu leaning closer. Still

refusing to look at the horror on the screen. “Literally no one said that. They did say they would be a better boyfriend to me, and would never let me get scared.” “Baby, you can always hide under my desk. I’m sure there’s plenty of things you could get up to,” Sakusa yelped as

Atsumu smacked him, gasping. “There are children!” Atsumu screeched. Sakusa laughed so hard he cried, the sound of his character dying had Atsumu wailing again. Chat was in chaos. It was Sakusa’s most viewed clip by the end of the night.

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