AutisticSciencePerson, MSc

AutisticSciencePerson, MSc



I don't think neurotypical people will ever be able to fully accommodate autistic people until society teaches all children (and adults) that brains are not all the same, and the person they are talking to isn't always going to experience the world the same way they do.

It seems like projection ("This is what I would want so therefore you must want this too..") is one of the biggest barriers to neurotypical people accommodating autistic people. It's subconscious processing imo. It's just that we had to learn that it doesn't work the hard way.

By we had to learn the hard way - Autistic person: Tries to do something they think would be nice to another person. Neurotypical person: "The world doesn't revolve around you." "Can you just shutup for one second?" "Why can't you just say okay?" "Do you mind?"

In this scenario, the thing the autistic person said or did they thought would be genuinely helpful because it's helpful to them (telling the truth, giving advice, talking about an interest, making their favorite food thinking the NT would like it)

We get crushed early on in life that the way we want people to interact is not the way others want us to interact. It's a crash course. It's not elegant or nice. Honestly it's probably traumatizing in some circumstances.

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