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How to find a 10-100x shitcoin gems consistently? Making big money in a short amount of time is why hunting micro cap gems can be life changing for small time investors... How to become a gem huntooorrr A 🧵

Some of you are here to get rich quick and make it in one bullrun Whilst there is some success stories, there is survivorship bias Meaning you only hear the success stories For every success story there might be 5 sad stories Gem hunting is fun, but risk management is key

Common Mistakes for the Gem Hunters: - Too Aggressive, not hedging their portfolio with stablecoins or blue chips - If BTC dips 30%, your micro cap shitcoins can dip 80% - Understand where you are in the cycle before aping into high risk high reward micro caps

- Don't rely on other people and ape blindly. - Develop your own intuition, your edge is built by becoming an expert - Cultivate your Inner Ape - Don’t be afraid to lose $$, Ape to Learn -You'll get rugged. If 2/10 do a 10x & you get rugged 8x, you still doubled your money

Anyone remember this guy? Turned 8k into 5 billion. While that may be the best trade in history and not a realistic goal... The point is being early to new crypto projects can be life changing!

Finding these projects early is a skill and can be learned. Over time you will get a nose for hunting alpha It will take time to become a proficient hunter. Don't get wiped out before develop your edge Here are the things that will help you develop & improve this skill:

- Get comfortable with DEX's - Coins that are listed on a Centralised Exchange (Binance, FTX, Kraken, Coinbase) usually already have a pretty high Marketcap (MC). The law of big numbers: if Bitcoin has a MC of 1 trillion, it needs 99 trillion to do a 100x.

Some shitcoin with 1 million MC will need 99 million. That can happen in a couple days in crypto. Don't want to get involved in Dex's and still find gems? These will be low caps in the 10-100m mc range. @kucoincom is your best bet. It has the most low caps

- (Whale) Wallet Watching - Last year I was watching whale wallets & youtube influencer wallets. I had notifications set-up for every movement. An influencer bought unknown token that just launched called $OHM. I aped first, did research later.

Knowing the influencer was gonna talk about it in his next youtube video. I was gonna flip it for a 2-5x. Then read through docs on discord and became intrigued and an ohmie It then became my biggest portfolio booster with a 40x during mini bear last year.

More information on how to become an expert whale watcher and on-chain wizard are through @OnChainWizard. You can also follow his new wallet where he publicly goes from 5k to 7 figures

- Become a Twitter Expert- - Advanced Search on Twitter is Your Best Friend - You can search for your favourite (recent) shitcoin e.g. hyped token $XYZ - Choose a date range of ~ 1st month of token launch - Order search results chronologically

- You'll find the FIRST people who EVER shilled it on twitter - Follow them for future alpha drops & Whitelists - Follow enough of them and you'll basically be part of insider circles

Found a new Listing or promising gem? Check out twitter. Who are the followers? Are there big names in there, VCs? Big names in DeFi? Less than 10k followers? You're still early anon... 👉 Check out their discord next

- Stalking Discords - Because I was early to $OHM and there was a big community of innovators in DeFi hanging out in Discord, I found out about $KLIMA and $TOKE early. Spending time in discord can be time consuming.

Find vibrant communities early and you'll find that will lead you on a trail of other gems. Finding the first one is the hard part.

- Resources for Finding New Listing - - @discobot3 - @alfaleeks

If you learn about a listing, you can quickly do your due diligence: - Check Twitter - Do pulse check in Discord (search bar is your friend) - Tokenomics? - Watch on chain for red flags (% held by team/founders/whales) - Partnerships

Next level MICRO gem hunting: This legend @shitc0in finds tokens a couple hours old less than 200k marketcap. To do a few more checks to minimise chance of a rug, check out this thread:

- Leverage your Attention - Your time, energy & attention span is limited each day Don't rely 100% on yourself to find gems. Your network makes you aware of new alpha If you follow 100 quality Crypto Alfa hunters,

Now you've another 100 pairs of eyes searching discord and twitter for you. Focus your twitter feed, discords, etc. on one specific sector. Cut the noise, get rid of useless accounts.

Low caps your thing? Pursue that solely. #NFT's? Follow every project, immerse with those accounts. Get whitelisted early So much information comes in every day between all the charts, twitter, discord, telegram feeds, group chats, find a balance, know when to chill

- Understand Meta Game - Understanding the $OHM fork narrative last year was extremely profitable. What did that mean? Finding new forks of ohm early on other chains and getting whitelisted was extremely profitable for a couple of individuals

- Evils vs. Good Seed Investors - Sometimes being early still means there were seed investors even earlier. Will you get dumped on? To flip or hold a % for long term? Some 'good' VC's invest for the long term. Other 'evil' VC's have no thesis, vision or conviction.

They fund short-vesting projects with a goal to quickly flip and extract value from a bull market. Here you find out where VCs lie on the spectrum

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This tweet was unavailable for some reason, but for resources: set notifications on for @alfalfaleeks. The Bot will let you know if something suddenly has a high inflow of money in a short amount of time. Do a quick due diligence and APE!

- More Resources on Wallet tracking & Watching - @nansen_ai is a great tool for this. @zapper_fi @DeBankDeFi @ape_board @zerion_io

I used the infographic on capital rotations from bitcoin -> high to mid to low caps from the one and only @SecretsOfCrypto Be sure to check out his classic & legendary thread that anyone in CT has used as this point:

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