the truth is based within: a thread.

a lot of us still put truth into external facts, the outer world, the 3D. we see it as TRUTH and we hold truth to it. however, reality is a MIRROR. it is a mirror of your own consciousness and what’s happening within you.

if reality is nothing but a mirror, the truth is actually based within. the truth is how much YOU have changed, not reality itself. the truth is what you are within, not external facts because the external is just a mirror. the truth is YOU not the 3D. the truth is your mind.

this is what reality is within you, also means. the truth and reality is not out there because “out there” is just a mirror. it is mirroring yourself back to you. when u realise this, you’ll feel all the power in the world. you’ll also find complaining, getting upset is a waste.

i based truth in what i saw with my five senses as reality. i saw it as real. that was because i didn’t understand. when you stand in front of the mirror in the morning, you have all the power to change what you see by changing your clothes. reality is the same.

the truth will never be outside of you, it is always within you. no matter how real it looks, reality is not out there. it’s in your mind because that is what “out there” reflects. no matter how painful it seems, it is always behind and you are always ahead of what you see.

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