Because of USA overnight event we were expected to open GAP DOWN. SGX was down around 150 points. BNF Closed at 40900 ydy and with SGX 150 points down, roughly was expected to open around 300 points gap down.

BNF pre open settled around 40980. based on SGX and DOW , first and foremost we need to prepare ourselves for market opening. Lets go step by step. Will take help of my today morning messages in mentorship group(so that people know that planning aise hi hota hai).

Posting here Nifty and BNF charts on 55m TF with multiple AVWAP marked. Weekly/High/Low/Monthly. While Nifty was below MAVWAP, BNF was almost 1000 points away from it. BNF WAVWAP was at 41160 and weekly low was 40600 till now.

I find some SUPPORT AND RESISTANCE LEVELS daily based on EOD data and that was giving us 40800/40600 as S1/S2. So for me to get any trending downmove in BNF 40800 and then 40600 need to be broken today.

In this 41000PE weekly, you can see a yellow line (its AVWAP from lowest low) coming at 340 as per ydy close. So for any big downmove in market, this PE need to cross 350. Now add up few things 41000-350 = 40650 S2 = 40600 Weekly Low = 40600

So we can say that 40600 IS THE LVEL FOR TODAY. Told in public group to keep eye on 350 on 41000PE at 9.10 AM. Next what happens BNF opened gap down, this PE runs till 352 and reverses to make a low of 132 at 9.40 AM. So from high of 352 to low of 132 in 30 mins or so.

Now see the OI in this PE in two tf --- one from 9.15 to 9.45 (OI went from 20 lk to 38 lk) and then one from 9.45 to 10.10 AM, here the OI went from (38lk to 41 lk only). So it means that PE writer were loosing confidence in writing this PE.

Around 10.15 AM this PE crossed VWAP(yellow line) at Rs 220 . For me the danger zone is at 350(identified in morning. This PE crossed 350 around 11 AM and then went on to made a high of 650 by 12.45. In between 40800 and 40600 also break.

Telling you a cheat sheet for expiry day trading. When the moves are random like today, start following next week options, they will give u advance indicator. It was happening today also . See the messages in group.

This was the one side of story of 41000PE from 352 to 132 to 650..............Can we track 650 to 120 also ??? Lets see, we will use the same OI/VWAP/AVWAP that gave us upmove. Lets again move to ATM/OTM strike of 40500CE this time. It started day at 300 to hit a high of 650.

See the rise in OI from 650 to 100 odd levels and then suddenly fall in OI from 30 lk levels at 1.00 PM

If you add up VWAP+OI+AVWAP, then chances of you getting trapped in big move decreases to great extent. See here also at 1.15 PM next week options gave u indication of upmove.

I really find it funny when people troll for the sake of trolling. There are N number of ways to trade market and I prefer trading my way. I dont like THEETA/MEETA/GAMMA but knows other thing much better than these Greeks player. First and foremost we should learn to respect

each system. If things works exactly as GEEEKS than we dont need human to trade neither anyone SL will hit ever. But its market which works on many things and try to learn few things to fullest. We can get connected thru

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