#miyacest Love triangle Miya twins who finally run into the situation of having the same crush and no amounts of Rock Paper Scissors games can make them decide who gets to date the one and only Sakusa Kiyoomi. So, they decide they can share. For once in their lives. They can both

have him and it’ll just be that simple. They’ll have Osamu be the alias that they both see him under. Said boy doesn’t even realize when his boyfriend “Osamu” has a particularly bright personality, or golden flecks soarkling in his eyes. Or even

how he suddenly finds himself not having the ability to cook. ‘It’s just how he is’, he’ll think. Just imagining dark haired Osamu getting the dicking of his life night before bed and cuddling into Sakusa’s arms as he sleeps, only for them to switch in the depths of the

night. Having a dark haired Atsumu slip into the room and sink down onto their sleeping lover’s cock to get his own fill. Giggling when his Omi marvels at how he can still be a cockhungry whore after getting fucked the night before.

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