Trading view scanner process & how to add 1000 stocks in watchlist in just 5 min. by simply copy & paste πŸ‘‡

1⃣Open trading view in your browser and login trading view by ur mail I'd & select stock scanner in left corner down side . 2⃣ touch the percentage% gain change ( and u can see higest gainer of yesterday)

3️⃣ Then, start with 6% gainer to 20% gainer and look charts of everyone in daily Timeframe . (For fno selection u can choose 1% to 4% ) 4⃣ Then manually select the stocks which are going to give all time high BO or 52 high BO or already given.

5⃣ U can also select those stocks which are going to give range breakout of few year or months 6⃣If in 15 min chartπŸ“Š any stock sustaining near BO zone or after BO then select it on your watchlist

This looks very easy & simple but, U will amazed to see it's result if you follow proper risk management. I did 4x my capital by trading in only momentum stocks. I will keep sharing such learning thread 🧡 for you πŸ™πŸ’žπŸ™ Keep learning / keep sharing πŸ™

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