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Twitter + Email = Deadly (and profitable) Combo E.g: I made $4,500USD in 2 weeks while vacationing in the Colombian mountains. All this from 5 simple emails I wrote on my morning coffee break and sent to a list of 277 people Here's how you can do the same:

I've distilled my entire strategy into 5 lessons. There will be ZERO sneaky links to any affiliate products. Promise. But you must read all 5 lessons if you want to turn your email into a personal cash printer while you vacation. RTs are welcome β™₯ Let's get you paid πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

1) Start with a funnel A funnel is the journey a person takes from stranger -> prospect -> customer. Just as you wouldn't approach a stranger on the street and ask her to marry you... You wouldn't sell a $1000 product to someone who knows nothing about you. If you want to...

make high ticket sales on repeat? You need a funnel. A simple funnel *anyone* can set up in 10 minutes: Twitter -> Landing page -> Email list -> Low ticket product -> high ticket offers Case in point: 90% of the people who bought my offer had bought a previous product from me

2) Grand slam offer I sold what @AlexHormozi calls a grand slam offer aka an offer that's so good you'd be stupid to say no to. Tattoo this into your 🧠: No amount of copywriting/persuasion/Jedi mind tricks can sell a crappy offer But almost any fool can sell a great offer

@AlexHormozi 3) Curiosity rich subject lines The *only* goal of the subject line is to get the reader to open and read the email. And the best way to do this is to write a subject line that's packed with so much curiosity the reader *must* open it to scratch his mental itch.

@AlexHormozi Pro Tip: Open a new email account and sign up to a bunch of email lists of brands and creators who operate in your niche. If you're a marketer check out: > Ben Settle > Ramit Sethi > Troy Broussard > Andre Chaperon Ok. So they've opened your email. Now what? Read onπŸ‘‡

@AlexHormozi 4) Tell a compelling story Stories are my number one love and top secret weapon for selling via email (or *any* medium). Why? Because a good story is irresistible to the human brain. Centuries of human evolution has caused your brain to be persuaded by stories and...

@AlexHormozi that's not going to change anytime soon. The secret here is to take the solution your product solves for your reader and wrap it up inside a good story. Don't know how to tell stories. Here's a formula I made up (lol) F-Fun R-Relateable E-Entertaining E-Educational If you...

@AlexHormozi can make your story F.R.E.E you can sell your reader anything (I'll do another thread on this formula) Ok so by now you've stolen your reader's attention with a curiosity-rich subject line AND you've hooked the reader with a compelling F.R.E.E story Now what?

@AlexHormozi 5) Be helpful David Ogilvy, one of the greatest copywriters of all time once said "Give the reader helpful advice, or service. It hooks about 75 per cent more readers than copy which deals entirely with the product". I think about this a lot and...

@AlexHormozi even when I'm pushing hard for a sale, I try to educate my reader in *some way*. Most creators don't do this because they don't want to "give it all away for free." My take? Give away 90% of it for free and they will happily pay for the other 10% (h/t @coldemailwizard)

@AlexHormozi @coldemailwizard 6) Bonus: Urgency + Scarcity No false scarcity like tweeting "7 left" on a digital product sale you'll run again the next day. I'm talking real urgency & scarcity. Eg. Running a cohort? Limit the number of spots. You can also combine urgency + scarcity Eg. Offer a free...

@AlexHormozi @coldemailwizard 1 on 1 consultation for the first 3 people who join the cohort. Want to make it even more urgent and scarce? Remind them the price of the cohort goes up in 36 hours.... Then raise the price in 36 hours no matter what. I guarantee you'll sell those spots. πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

@AlexHormozi @coldemailwizard That's all I have for you today. Want to make money online by writing simple words? > Follow me @waronweakness > Join my email list for in-depth tips to help you turn words into cash (you can unsubscribe anytime) here πŸ”½

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