Fefi🐭 (is WRITING)

Fefi🐭 (is WRITING)



Cw / underage Mama Miya who tells the twins she finally bought them bunk bends so they won’t have to share a bed anymore Vs Atsumu getting genuinely sad because that means he won’t be able to rut against Osamu’s morning erection anymore

12 years old Atsumu who knows they’re too big to share a single bed anymore, but that will miss the excuse of scooting closer to Osamu every morning under the excuse that he’s “cold” only to innocently rub against him.

“Tsumu…” Osamu would growl, still more sleep than awake, but Atsumu would just wiggle closer. “‘M cold, Samu…” Atsumu would lie, wiggling his ass against Osamu’s boxers. He’s too young, too innocent to understand what he’s really doing.

But it feels good, and he knows Osamu likes it too by the way he groans in his sleep, and it makes his little dick get hard too, even if Atsumu doesn’t know very well what to do with it after.

He guesses he’s gonna have to come up with an excuse to sneak into Osamu’s bed now

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