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Everyone should own a YouTube channel that earns $300+ per day The problem is most people don't know how… Here are 6 steps that will help you get started:

1. Select a niche To make $300/day, your niche must meet two criteria: - Creator interest - Viewer interest The more interested you are, the longer you’ll stick with it The more interested viewers are, the more views and income Here are evergreen niches to consider:

2. Determine time investment Building a channel can be very time consuming If you have a small budget but lots of time Then do the work yourself If you have money but lack time then outsourcing works too I hire workers off Upwork. Here is a job posting you can steal:

3. Pick a content approach If you want privacy, build a faceless channel If you want to build a personal brand, get on screen Both can work extremely well on YouTube Here are the cons and cons of each:

4. Create a content strategy For rapid growth on YouTube, aim for trending content This will bring in large spikes of views, but they taper off fast To grow sustainably, target low competition keywords Rank enough videos in search and you’ll be getting views for years to come

5. Identify revenue streams To make $300 a day, you can: - Get 10,000 daily views at $30 CPM - Sell 6 products at $50 - Sign 4 clients at $2,500 for the month The more you can effectively combine these strategies The easier it will be to make $300 a day on YouTube

6. Analyze and optimize Once 30 videos are published, analyze: - Clickthrough rates - Watch times - End screen clicks - Traffic sources Double down on thumbnails, titles and video ideas that work Then continue making content until your income is at $300/day

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