Gems of Indology

Gems of Indology



#Thread I will not try to prove that the two languages are different. But will try to prove that we all are same and that !#Hindu religion is oldest surviving, continuing religion which we all are part. #tweet4bharat 1/n

Image 1: Pasupati God dating ~4500 years (3 faces) Image 2 : God Shiva with 3 faces in Elephanta caves. @Nathan_KB @BtKAS_ 2/n

Use of Swastika by ancient Harappans widely used by continuing population across the Indian continent Image : from harappan excavation @Krishnara 3/n

Endless knot found in 1 Jandial temple, Taxila dates 1st century BC 2 New copper plate of Dhruva 2 of the Gujarat Rashtrakuta, Branch Saka 806 3 the same knot found on copper plate excavation in Mohenjedaro dates 4.5k years back credit @kalyan97 4/n

Endless knot or eternal knot has been used by Harappans as well as buddhists, Jainism, Hindus across Indian subcontinent. The last image from Harappan civilisation again 4.5 kya. 5/n

Statkly similar way of presenting our gods? From 3000 years apart, these images apprar similar isn't it? 6/n

Does man in the picture from 4.5 kya looks similar to Shiva with Snake Similar inscriptions found elsewhere in the world, aint this proving outward movement of Indians 7/n

A seal (dates ~5000 years back) from #Mohenjodaro depicts MAN fighting/playing with a BULL. Similar Bull fighting sport #Jallikattu is played in TamilNadu as part of Pongal celebration on Mattu Pongal Day since 500 BCE More proof to follow 👇 8/n

An endless thread dedicated to cite literary proof of similar/same culture from antiquity 👇 9/n

This one is EPIC proof that #Hindu religion existed 11kya Recently, archaeologists discovered "Baghor shrine". It is a Devi temple with Yantra continuously worshiped by Hindu Yantra and paleolithic temple dates back to 11,000 years. 10/n

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