Web3 will soon disrupt the internet and entirely transform how the world works. But 99% are unaware. Here are 100 WEB3 STARTUPS everyone needs to know about:

BLOCKCHAINS Aptos @AptosLabs - safe and scalable layer 1 blockchain Avalanche @avalancheavax - fastest smart contracts platform Celo @CeloOrg - making financial tools accessible to the world DeSo @desoprotocol - blockchain designed specifically for social media

Dfinity @dfinity - global computer hosting open internet services Ethereum @ethereum - community-run technology powering 1000s of decentralized apps Iron Fish @ironfishcrypto - blockchain focused on privacy & accessibility

Linera @linera_io - transparency/empowerment of web3 + speed/stability of web2 Mina Protocol @MinaProtocol - access & privacy for web3 with zero knowledge tech Near @NEARProtocol - high-speed/low fees L1 blockchain Optimism @optimismFND - low-cost/lightning-fast L2 blockchain

Polkadot @Polkadot - platform for interoperability between independent blockchains Polygon @0xPolygon - global/sustainable L2 blockchain on Ethereum Solana @solana - fast, composable, global L1 blockchain Sui by @Mysten_Labs - L1 blockchain for the next billion users

ARTIST & CREATOR PLATFORMS Arpeggi Labs @arpeggi_labs - next gen music creation Audius @AudiusProject - fully decentralized music platform Bonfire @bonfire_tweets - powerful community engagement tools Coinvise @CoinviseCo - no-code tools for tokens and NFTs

CurateDAO @curate_dao - Pinterest on the blockchain but you earn money DAODAO @daodao_io - web3 platform for creators & communities to quickly fund projects Forefront @forefront__ - launchpad for tokenized communities Mirror @viamirror - the home for web3 publishing

OurSong @oursong - social platform where everyone is a creator Rally @rally_io - where creators & communities can build digital economies Royal @join_royal - connecting artists and fans all around the world Sound @soundxyz_ - music platform for audiences and artists

COMMUNITIES & GROUPS BFF @MyBFF - bringing women, non-binary & others into web3 Fingerprints @FingerprintsDAO - championing blockchain art Friends with Benefits @FWBtweets - shaping culture in web3 PleasrDAO @PleasrDAO - collecting digital art to support ideas & movements

Surge @surge_women - educating and securing womxn’s place in web3 UnicornDAO @unicornDAO - empowering women and NFT creators World of Women @worldofwomennft - celebrating art, representation & inclusivity VeeFriends @veefriends - meaningful IP and extraordinary community

DEFI Aave @AaveAave - open source, non-custodial liquidity protocol Eco @eco - crypto app as a payment tool for daily-use transactions Goldfinch @goldfinch_fi - decentralized credit protocol that allows anyone to be a lender, not just banks

Jambo @JamboTechnology - empowering the next generation of Africans via web3 Maker @MakerDAO - builders of Dai, a digital currency that can be used by anyone, anywhere, anytime TrustToken @TrustToken - on a mission to open access to financial opportunities and global trade

ENTERTAINMENT & MEDIA Adim @Adimverse - storytellers + fans creating new generation of stories Decentralized Pictures @DCP_Foundation - web3 for independent film Invisible Universe @InvisibleUniv - original character IP for web3 NFT Studios @NFTStudios_dev - a web3 film co

Mad Realities @madrealities - TV created/cast by viewers Pixel Vault @pixelvault_ - elevating crypto assets across a variety of media The Visible Project @visible_project - film3 studio by Spike Lee Virtually Human Studio @V_H_Studio - exploring the scope of entertainment

EXCHANGES Bitso @Bitso - compra, vende y haz trading de criptomonedas al instante Bundle @BundleAfrica - social payments app for cash or crypto CoinSwitch Kuber @CoinSwitchKuber - simplifying crypto for India

dYdX @dYdX - an open platform for advanced crypto products FTX @FTX_Official - digital asset exchange built for everyone Hashflow @hashflow - decentralized exchange [DEX] for interoperability Uniswap @Uniswap - DEX for users anywhere to trade crypto without an intermediary

MARKETPLACES Formfunction @formfunction - Solana marketplace for independent artists/creators Foundation @foundation - NFT marketplace/web3 operating system Fractal @fractalwagmi - a gaming marketplace on Solana LooksRare @LooksRare - NFT marketplace with rewards

Magic Eden @MagicEden - decentralized NFT marketplace built on Solana OpenSea @opensea - the largest NFT marketplace Rarible @rarible - decentralized, community-centric, multichain NFT marketplace Zora @ourZORA - open protocol to buy, sell and curate NFTs on Ethereum

METAVERSE & GAMING AI Arena @aiarena_crypto - NFTs powered by Neural Networks Battlebound @Battlebound_io - world-class gameplay meets play-to-earn Cryptoys @Cryptoys - toys, gaming & entertainment collide

Decentraland @decentraland - built, governed, and owned by its users Everyrealm @Everyrealm - building for the metaverse generation Forte @FortePlatform - economic tech for games Improbable @Improbableio - connect, play, create and build across interconnected virtual worlds

LootRush @LootRushGames - safe and friendly way to play crypto games Mythical Games @playmythical - a next-generation game technology studio Oncyber @oncyber - worldbuilding engine for web3. build your own world, experience with others

Sky Mavis @SkyMavisHQ - building games with player-owned economies Sorare @Sorare - a global fantasy football game where players can buy, trade, and play with official digital cards Yield Guild Games @YieldGuild - play-to-earn guild bringing players together via NFT games

NFT BRANDS Autograph @Autograph - NFT platform for iconic brands in sports and culture to create unique digital collections Dapper Labs @dapperlabs - creators of @nbatopshot @LaLigaOnFlow @NFLAllDay @UFCStrikeNFT @CryptoKitties

Truth Labs @truth - creators of @goblintown @the187 @secretsociety Proof @proof_xyz - creators of @moonbirds @oddities_xyz Yuga Labs @yugalabs - owners of @BoredApeYC @MeebitsNFTs @CryptopunksNFTs @OthersideMeta

ECOSYSTEM & INFRASTRUCTURE Arweave Team @ArweaveTeam - permanent information storage network Aztec @aztecnetwork - the programmable privacy layer for web3 Bitski @bitski - the NFT wallet for everyone Burrata @burrataxyz - software provider/developer that bridges web2 to web3

Disco @discoxyz - helps you reflect your data to the world however you choose Dynamic @dynamic_xyz - a beautiful, smart and dynamic wallet login flow Filecoin @Filecoin - open-source cloud storage marketplace, protocol

Forta @FortaNetwork - real-time detection network for security & operational monitoring of blockchain activity Gitcoin @gitcoin - where the world's leading web3 projects are born, validated & funded Helium @helium - decentralized wireless infrastructure.

Kosen Labs @kosenlabs - solving problems at the intersection of AI + web3 Ledger @Ledger - your secure gateway to the web3 world Nansen @nansen_ai - real-time crypto & NFT insights Nym @nymproject - the next generation of privacy infrastructure

Phantom @phantom - a friendly Solana wallet built for DeFi & NFTs Spruce @SpruceID - your keys, your data Worldcoin @worldcoin - a privacy preserving proof-of-personhood protocol XMTP @xmtp_ - the open protocol for secure web3 messaging

That's it, folks. I hope this was useful. If you enjoyed it, please share by retweeting the first tweet. I write about the ideas, trends and people shaping web3 and the future. You can follow me @MishaDaVinci.

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