Richard Corsi, PhD, PE (Texas)

Richard Corsi, PhD, PE (Texas)



1/ Someone born in the United States 25 yrs ago had a life expectancy of 76.1 years. 2019 = 80 yr 2020 = 77 yr 2021 = 76.1 yr Failures to properly and rigorously address COVID-19 at so many levels has set America and the world back dearly.

2/ Vaccinate fully to lower probability of severe outcome if infected. Reduce chance of infection AND spread by lowering inhalation dose of virus-laden respiratory aerosol particles. That's it, folks. That's how to slow, stop, and hopefully reverse a trend not seen in a century.

3/ How do we lower inhalation dose to lower infection and spread? Remove. Reduce. Remediate.

4/ REMOVE the source. That means testing, isolating, staying home if feeling ill.

5/ REDUCE source strength. Wear high-quality masks, e.g., N95 of KN95. If you are infected and do not know it yet, wearing a high-quality mask will significantly reduce emissions and, therefore, significantly reduce virus-laden respiratory aerosol levels in shared indoor spaces.

6/ The more people who wear masks in an indoor space the greater the chance that infected persons REDUCE their emissions, thus increasing the probability that virus-laden respiratory aerosol particles in shared air will be lower.

7/ REMEDIATE the air. This means actively removing virus-laden respiratory aerosol particles in shared air to reduce inhalation dose. The BEST way an individual can do this is to wear a well-fit and high-quality mask, e.g., N95 or KN95.

8/ This reduces respiratory aerosol particles from others in your breathing zone, which is defined as inside your mask. It has the extra beneficial effect of lowering your emissions if you are infected. See REDUCE source strength above.

9/ To REMEDIATE air for all in shared indoor spaces, increase the amount of ventilation air from outdoors, improve filtration, e.g., to MERV-13 in HVAC systems, use proven standalone air cleaners right-sized to a space, or use appropriate UV disinfection to inactive viruses.

10/ Proven standalone air cleaners include HEPA filters and the #CorsiRosenthalBox. Add-ons and fancy gizmos are not necessary. If right-sized these can effectively remove a lot of virus-laden respiratory aerosol particles from shared air.

11/ That's it, folks. Vaccinate to lower chance of severe outcome from COVID-19 infection. AND (underscored and emphasized) - signifcantly lower inhalation dose of virus-laden respiratory aerosol particles to significantly lower chance of infection in the first place.

12. REMOVE, REDUCE, REMEDIATE None of this is anywhere close to rocket science. Just do it!

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