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For those who don't know. Here's the basic. The immune system can be divided into two types 1. Innate immunity. 2. Adaptive immunity

1. Innate immunity: something you are born with. It functions quickly, and very effectively. Beyond vaccination, there's nothing that can be done here.

2. Adaptive immunity: something you learn by exposing yourself to various pathogens, stressors. It's a slow process.

You can either focus on external factors (such as germs) as the causative factor for disease or focus on the internal. This thread is about the internal factors. I will list out a lot of things. Pick as per your convenience. I understand doing everything may not be feasible.

1. Vitamin D Vit D is central to immune system. A study has found that among 19k subjects, people with lower vitamin D level are more likely to suffer from upper respiratory tract infections. - Take vitamin D supplements or - Spend 25-20 min under the sun daily.

2. Glutathione This gives all your antioxidants a run for their money. It is produced in the liver. It helps protect body from free radicals, toxins, boosts immune system. Supplements are available on amazon.

3. Strong Gut-linig Intestinal permeability, or leaky gut, is associated with autoimmune diseases and high inflammation. What helps is Butyrate. Food source: also from ghee, curd and butter. Primary sources are fermented beans and legumes, but this may not be an option 4 many.

4. Selenium Selenium is an essential mineral that is a cofactor in glutathione production. Viral infections frequently produce a higher number of reactive oxygen species (ROS) which overwhelms the antioxidant defense system. ROS can enhance viral replication.

5. Vitamin B3 (Niacin) Increases NAD+ biosynthesis. NAD+ promotes energy production and enables cells to work properly. Low NAD+ is related to aging, disease, lower immunity.

6. Vitamin C An antioxidant produced as an anti-stress response. Helps to recycle oxidized glutathione (see above) back into active glutathione. Food source: Amla (Indian goosebery) is handsdown the best out there. Also citrus fruits. You can take supplements too.

7. Zinc - More than 300 enzymes require Zn for functioning. - More than a thousand transcript factors (required for gene functioning) require Zn. - It stops cold viruses from latching on to cells. Shortens the duration of flu. - Helps boost testosterone in men 75 mg max a day

8. Nitric Oxide If you have been in bodybuilding circle for sometime. you know about L-arginine as a pre-workout, for that vascularity, the pump and the explosiveness in gym. But if you are smart, you know that L-Arginine does't increase L-arginine levels in blood.

... but L-Cirtuline is readily converted into L-argenine. Basically, asking you to take Citruline instead of Arginine. Nitric Oxide inhibit viral replication cycles (SARS) . -- Åkerström, S. et al. (2005)

10. Black Coffee, Black tea , Green Tea. These have polyphenols and antioxidants.

11. Garlic

12. If you are a non-vegetarian. Eat organ meat. At least once a week.

13. Ashwagandha Been preaching about it for a long time now. Ayurvedic. It lowers stress and balances the function of the immune system.

15. Turmeric Anti-inflammatory and boosts boost glutathione levels . Moghadamtousi, S. et al. (2014) (linking these studies because people usually ignore these common knowledge as not "that effective"). Show some respect to your ancestral knowledge.

Now, things that won't have any impact. 1. Multivitamin Still don't know why people take these. Can understand if you have deficiency or elderly. If you are vitamin deficient, you need to FIX your DIET.

2. Vitamin E supplements You have been scammed bro. Your diet is enough. If you are deficeinet in Vit E, you are following some stupid diet.

3. Fish oil Not a bad supplement, but it can delay recovery from influenza. Schwerbrock, N. & Karlsson, E. (2009)

What else weakens your immune system?

1. Smoking A very recent study observed significantly higher ACE2 gene expression in smoker samples compared to non-smoker samples. This indicates the smokers may be more susceptible to 2019-nCov. Quit now!

2. Excessive consumption of alcohol It impairs the immune system. A no brainer, but interesting because of its effect on immunosupression and pulmonary infection. Zhang. P. & Bagby, G. & Happel, K. & Raasch, C. & Nelson, S. (2008).

3. Sugar - Excess glucose reduces the ability of neutrophils to kill bacteria. - In a 1973 study, subjects consuming 100 grams of carbs from different sources after an overnight fast reduced the effectiveness of neutrophils by about 40 % for 5 hours.

What can you do to strengthen your immune system? A few small habits and lifestyle changes will go a long way.

1. Regular Excercise - Flushes lymph system. - Strengthens immunity. - Prevents upper respiratory infection - But when sick, do not train hard. I hope no study to support these is needed :D

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