Katelyn Polantz

Katelyn Polantz



John Eastman is in court right now trying to challenge a House Jan 6 subpoena for ~19,000 of his emails, including ones related to Trump So far: -Chapman U, his employer, says he worked for Trump w/o permission -His lawyer says he was working for Trump at MANY relevant moments

Judge David Carter nails down if he was doing work on behalf of client, when Eastman: -briefed hundreds of state leg -was at the Willard -met w Trump & Pence Jan 3 Yes. The client was Trump, Eastman's lawyer answered.

Hearing isn't over. This is a hot one.

Judge Carter is putting this on warp speed. Chapman U gives Eastman his emails by tomorrow, noon PST. Eastman starts making productions to the House immediately, does a privilege log (so withholds client advice). They're back in court in 1 week on who has final say on privilege.

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