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I write hundreds of tweets every month. For me and for my clients. If I had to do it from scratch, that would be impossible. So what’s the secret? I have a system in place to speed up content creation. A system that allows me to write 30+ tweets in under 1h. This is it:

1/ There are two elements that you need for this: - A core content idea (I use The Creator Grid, link below) - A proven template (extracted from my personal Swipe File) But what is this Swipe File?

2/ As a good thief, I'm always on the lookout for the best content out there. When I find it, I save it. The reason is not so much for the content itself, but for the way it is presented, aka the formating. With time, I’ve managed to build a Swipe File from these formats.

3/ Now, when I sit down to write, I take: The core idea + a format that suits it. That’s how I’m able to write 30+ tweets in under 1 hour. Simple, right? Here's an example with the core idea "the future of content":

4/ You should start building this Swipe File right away: 1. Bookmark every piece of content that draws your attention 2. Put it in a file or document (I use Notion for it) 3. Break it down and generate the template How the templates look (original tweet for reference)👇

5/ Plus, this is not only good for Twitter. You can do the same with IG, LinkedIn, TikTok…even newsletters. The key is to identify the parts that can be replicated and the parts you need to change to make it yours. Let the formats guide you!

6/ RESOURCES - Get the content Grid for idea generation here - Read this thread on how to use it 👇

This is it! 1) If you need help with your content strategy + creation process, send me a DM. I have one client spot open! 2) If you enjoyed this thread, RT the first tweet so it reaches more people

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