#miyacestober2022 Day 19: Mistakes. Angst. Implied underage. It's happened before. There's lots of stories about that. Twins. Twins who are born to be the completion of the other. One alpha, one omega. It's not that strange. Everyone knows it. They are beings that are destined—

to always be together, to hold each other up no matter how tough the times get. After all, they're siblings. And being twins, society expects them to protect one another no matter what. What society doesn't expect from them, however, is that they take their relationship this—

far. They aren't supposed to do this. It's even against the law. And Atsumu is very aware of that. Osamu, not so much. Or rather, he's chosen to not be aware, to not give a damn. The blood trickles down Atsumu's neck. Above him, Osamu has his teeth reddened and some crimson is—

falling down his mouth onto Astumu's cheeks. Why? Atsumu's mind is numbed by the ache. He can't think straight enough to understand what's just happened. One moment they were playing to kiss each other and now… Now there's only pain. Pain and a weird warm feeling in his—

tummy. What has happened? Why does he feel like that? Like he wants to run away and, at the same time, hide into Osamu's chest forever. He doesn't understand it. It doesn't make sense. When Osamu licks the blood on his lips, Atsumu's brain finally reacts. "What have you done?"

His brother stills at that, as if he had been far gone and just now returned to Earth. He snaps his eyes open so much, Atsumu thinks they are gonna pop off. Then, Osamu gets away from him at lightning speed. He goes so quick, he loses his balance and ends up on his butt, looking—

at Atsumu terrified. "Tsumu, I…" Atsumu brings his hand to his neck, right where the sting is. When he looks at the blood on his palm, tears start to crush into Atsumu's eyes. "Samu, why?" Osamu doesn't know why. He only knows kissing Atsumu had awakened something in him.

Something so powerful, he could not control it. He feels like a shit when he realizes he doesn't feel as bad as he knows he should. "Tsumu, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean… I didn't want to…" Atsumu cuts him off before he can say anything more. "Samu… this means we're bonded—

right?" Osamu swallows hard. He nodds hesistantly. "Yeah" Atsumu bites his lips hard and looks away from his twin. The bite mark burns even worse. "This was a mistake" he says. Osamu feels as if his heart was being ripped out "I can't take you as my mate" ################

To be continued(? Anyway! A bit of angst because why not xD (as if I hadn't been writing angst all along hahaha) I'm not sure how old are they in here, but I'm picturing pretty young. Like, maybe 14/15(? Let me know if you liked it!! ❤️❤️❤️

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