Fefi🐭 (is WRITING)

Fefi🐭 (is WRITING)



Cw / underage sex (they’re in high school) Osamu probably didn’t realize he had a /thing/ for mid exhibitionism (probably didn’t even know what it was) until a random Friday afternoon, when they were fucking in their small shared bathroom, and they heard heir Ma getting home.

“Samu…” Atsumu instantly tensed around him. His head popping up from where it was resting against the cold bathroom tile. Their Ma wasn’t supposed to be home for about two more hours. She usually didn’t finish her shifts early. “Boys! I’m home!” They heard her voice.

“Samu, we have to—,” Atsumu’s words were cut short as Osamu gripped his hips, and thrust up. He saw the grip Atsumu had on the tiles almost slipped. “Samu, what the fuck—,” “Shut up,” Osamu growled, his cock pulsing inside of him with another thrust. “I’m close… just need…”

“Samu?” Their Ma called. “Tsumu?” “Fuck,” Atsumu groaned low in his throat, dropping his head back. “She’s gonna— she’s gonna hear us.” He panted, but Osamu didn’t miss the way he pushes his ass back to me his thrusts.

He gripped harder into his hips, fucking up to him faster. “She won’t if you keep quiet.” Osamu grinned between his teeth. “Here!” He shouted then, to Atsumu’s absolute horror. He leaned down to clasp a hand over his mouth to keep him quiet.

“Just takin’ a shower,” He continued. “Will be out in a minute!” Atsumu moaned against his palm as Osamu grinned his cock against his prostate then, his legs almost giving out. “Okay, love! Do you know where Atsumu is?”

/right here/ Osamu thought as he picked his pace. Knowing their Ma was right outside the door as he fucked his brother’s ass, that she could potentially hear them, know what’s going on, had his balls tensing like nothing else, his cock pulsing with the need to come.

“Dunno,” he managed to shout, somehow repressing a moan as his hips pressed flush to Atsumu’s ass. “Must be out.” His Ma said something. He didn’t catch it. He just heard the sound of the door being shut again, and that’s all it took for him to come.

Atsumu had come earlier at some point, Osamu realized as he dropped a hand to take care of him, and he was already /wet/. “You’re a fuckin’ bastard.” Atsumu breathed out as osamu slowly pulled out. Cum dripped down Atsumu’s ass. He considered kneeling down and eat it +

But their ma was already home. And they’ve been risky enough already. “I made ya come,” Osamu said. “Yer welcome.”

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