A lot of people don't know that there are existing modifications/enhancements for R. N. Elliott's original Wave Principle. One I've been studying and applying for a while is "Harmonic" Elliott Wave. [1/12]

The primary difference between original Elliott Wave & Harmonic Elliott Wave is the impulsive sequence. Ian Copsey, the creator of HEW, modified Elliott's original impulsive structure believing he found a "harmonic" pattern between waves. [2/12]

As you can see, the impulse sequence in HEW consists of two impulses linked by a correction labeled as "ABC". That, in turn, completes one single Wave 1,3, or 5. [3/12]

There are three main key advantages this method provides: - More precise target clusters. - More insight into extended moves since there are no such things in this method. - No leading/ending diagonals. [4/12]

Extended moves: [5/12]

Targetting [6/12]

Target Clusters [7/12]

Rules: [8/12]

Common Retracements: [9/12]

Common Extensions [10/12]

You can find more insight into Harmonic Elliott Wave in Ian Copsey's Book "Harmonic Elliott Wave: The Case for Modification of R. N. Elliott's Impulsive Wave Structure" [11/12]

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