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"i don't understand what's so special about him" kiyoomi says as he takes a sushi roll and puts it in his mouth. komori looks up at him confused "what?" kiyoomi sighs as he's thinking about aran and the twins.

"what's so special about aran? i understand he's very attractive and has a nice body but why is atsumu all over him all the time?" komori snorts ad kiyoomi glares at him. "well you gotta understand that the twins and aran grew up together, so their like brothers"

kiyoomi let out a small sigh as he took a sip of his drink. komori did the same as he watched kiyoomi make a face he knows all too well. "your seriously jealous?" kiyoomi looked at komori, trying to act like that wasn't the case. "w-what? no, not in the slightest"

komori gave kiyoomi a look suggesting that he was right, they were more like brothers then cousins themselves. they could read each other like a children's book. "fine, i just want atsumu to be all over me like that. there, happy?" komori rolled his eyes.

picking up his chopsticks and took a dumpling. "i say, don't be jealous, you know that atsumu loves you, and aran is with kita" kiyoomi had forgotten that aran and kita were together, he blushed thinking he just made himself look like a fool.

~ later, him and atsumu had met up at the local konbini, atsumu had smiled and waved him over. kiyoomi walked over to atsumu and hugged him. atsumu was surprised to see kiyoomi being so vulnerable. "is everything okay?" kiyoomi didnt say anything.

he just kept his head rested on atsumu's shoulder eith his arms around his waist. atsumu stood there, not wanting to move and ruin the mood. "i love you atsu" atsumu's eyes widened, but he smiled and sunk into kiyoomi's chest. "i love ya too omi-omi"

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