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Sri Sripadaraja tirtha Madhva sampradaya after Madhvacharya saw many great personalities heading this sampradaya. Dhruva maharaja amsa took Sri Sripadaraja to propagate krishna bhakti. He was born as Lakshmi Narayana Muni. He was bon in abbur to seshagiri and giriamma couples

Child prodigy Once he was grazing cattle palanquin carrying madhadipati swarnavarna tirtha came. Boy prostrated before sage. When sage asked about distance he told to look at sun him and calculate distance yourself. Seeing brilliant child swamiji enquired name and gave blessings

Sanyasa Swarnavarna tirtha convinced parents and took boy and gave him sanyasa Diksha. Boy bloomed under guidance of swarnavarna tirtha and went to vibhudendra tirtha for studying. Under his guidance he became great Gyani. Vibhudendra tirtha gave him title sripadaraja

Mutt head He became mutt head after swarnavarna tirtha attained Brindavana. He trained students under madhvacharya moola grantha. He completed it 40 times. He won many over debates. He worn gold & diamonds with golden mudra which sanyasis never worn. He worn as he is dhruva amsa

Raghunath tirtha Raghunath tirtha wàs senior disciple if swarnavarna tirtha and sripadaraja was his close friend. Both travelled together. Once king refused to do pada pooja to yatis as sripadaraja wanted first Raghunath tirtha to be worshipped but king refused arrogantly

Whole palace got fire. King then asked forgiveness and got his wishes fulfilled. One day he saw Raghunath tirtha going to vaikuntha in Pushpak viman he throwed flowers at sripadaraja who collected it and placed in eyes. He told shisyas what had happened briefly

Removing Brahma hatya Vyasaraja was his disciple. Once vijaya Nagar king killed priest of Tirupati temple and got Brahma hatya. Knowing circumstances Sri sripadaraja arranged yagyas and relieved king of his doshas. He did kanakabhisekha to sage. He requested to stay in his city

Vyasaraja theertha He refused but told king saluva narashima to take his shisya vyasaraja with him. Thus vyasaraja became guru of Vijayanagar. Once vyasaraja saw samputa box that was unopened . He opened with ease and saw krishna dancing in Bala gopala form. He did taala happily.

Ganga came at mulbagal Sripadaraja saw this and told to keep samputa with him and told only he could open it. He consecrated narashima at mulbagal. At old age when he wished ganga snana ganga Devi appear and told she will be staying in narashima theertha forever.

Samadhi He entered Vrindavanj alive in mulbagal. His Brindavana radiates still with his presence. His greatness can be known by sripadaraja ashtakam by vijayendrar tirtha and shri sripadaraja stotram by sri vadiraja. His aradhana on jyestha chaturdashi celebrated every year

This year his aradhana celebration is in 23rd of this month. Devotees can offer their kanike or seva to sri sripadaraja mutt. Let remember this great saint on his aradhana day

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