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Disappear for 6 months, do this and you'll win over 97% of people...

1. Spend 30 minutes alone daily A great mind is built in solitude Do this when alone; • Go back in time • Evaluate where you want to be in life • Create a plan that'll help you get there Normalize walking walking some paths alone because goals are personal

2. Set 100 minutes in your morning to read Read educational and business related books Read books on; - History - Philosophy - Psychology - Group dynamics You'll be smarter than 99% of people around you.

3. Go out in nature Quiet environment is great for creativity. Do this; • Have a notebook • Sit still or walk around • Write down your thoughts You'll feel less overwhelmed and find answers to most of your problems.

4. Eat clean Take in a lot of; - Milk (1 litre a day) - Eggs (7 eggs) - Meat (Eat steak) - Fruits - Water - Vegetables Make your meal constitute 70% of protein Healthy eating is simple and simple is smooth.

5. Stay fit You don't have to overthink this. Do basic work out like; - Push ups (20×10) - Squats (15×10) - Walk 5,000 steps a day Your body weight is enough to keep you fit. If you're under 30 and you can't do 30-40 push ups in a row, you should get concerned.

6. Avoid useless information Connectedness is a curse Avoid; • Small talks (politics, gossips, complains) • Toxic news and weak ideas • Toxic music What you consume determine who you're.

7. Avoid alcohol and weed if you're not where you want to be in life. Do this; • Stay sober • Face yourself • Focus on what you can fix Cut out anything that'll get you out of reality Face what you constantly run from.

8. Audit your inner circle Be real to yourself first by knowing; - Where you are in life - What you want - Who you are Then choose 3-4 friends you can walk same journey with you Friends will make you strong where you're weak.

9. Free write You'll need to work on yourself and ideas daily; • Write what you’ve done • What you need to do • What's possible now This'll make your ideas clearer.

10. Learn how to make money When you create value in yourself, you'll never go broke Do this; • Identify a problem in the society • Work to solve it • Leverage the internet + offline and sell your solution The more value you have, the higher your perceived value.

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