lin林 sol’s gf+wife

lin林 sol’s gf+wife



#omigirin/#sakusunaosa the inarizaki vbc have a reunion a few years down the line. they start talking about their crushes in high school, but when it comes to osamu’s high school crush, he refuses to say anything about it.

suna, his then best friend, does it for him: “i’ll give you a hint,” he says, smirking, “tall, dark hair, grumpy, jersey #10 in second year.” several pairs of eyes fall to the pale hand curled around osamu’s waist. it seems pretty obvious who this crush is.

“then what about yers, sunarin?” he and osamu share a look. suna makes a go ahead gesture. “well,” osamu says, “i’ll give ya a hint: tall, dark hair, grumpy, jersey #10 in second year.” the others stare. what.

a distance away, one sakusa kiyoomi sneezes. fuck, he thinks, he better not be catching a cold.

if this sounds familiar then there may be a reason for that, and if it doesnt, then u should read mango’s snos threadfic 🙏

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