🧵Baltic nationalists have constructed entire mythologies to paint their tyrannical bourgeois states as "flourishing democracies that fell victim to Soviet aggression". This is a carefully manufactured lie that used to maintain capital imperialist hegemony in the region.

1. During the civil wars of 1918-1920 the Baltic nationalists were funded and armed by the German Empire and later by the British to crush the October Revolution by acting act as a springboard for capitalist intervention.

2. For example, the British fleet saved the Latvian nationalists from total defeat by sheltering K. Ulmanis and his government aboard the captured "Saratov" vessel. 3. The German Baltic Landeswehr fought alongside the nationalists against the Latvian Socialist Republic.

4. The nationalist government consisted of rich merchants, factory owners and clergymen. By contrast, the authority of the LSSR and its predecessor state, the Iskolat Republic, was based on democratically-elected soldiers', peasants' and workers' Councils.

5. The Communist movement was so strong in the Baltics (and Finland) that the imperialists literally drowned the whole region in blood to halt the Revolution. The most infamous examples are the Riga Massacre of 1919 and the mass murder of the Finnish communists.

6. When communist Riga fell to the white forces on May 22, 1919, the nationalists and the Germans initiated mass killings of the communists, labor activists, students, any suspected left-wing activists. 10000 people were brutally murdered in Riga alone, in broad daylight.

7. Even bourgeois intellectuals, like Jānis Akuraters, were horrified by the sheer brutality of the white forces. Such massacres happened in many other Latvian cities. In Valmiera, more then a dozen Communist Youth members - children - were executed.

8. After the civil war in Latvia ended with nationalist victory, their reign of terror did not stop. The Communist Party was immediately banned. The nationalists executed the communists and strike leaders using war tribunals all the way until 1923 (the war ended in 1920).

9. The May Day demonstrations were banned in 1923, and the police used lethal force during strikes and workers' demonstrations. The underground Communist Party formed a non-partisan group for parliamentary (Saeima) elections. 8 people were elected and later arrested in parliament

10. And this was before the fascist coup of 1934. Remember: the Jakarta Method was first used in the Baltics. This horrific and bloody repression explains why this region (incl. Finland) is so reactionary. This thread is getting long. I will later post links to full research.

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