Fefi🐭 (is WRITING)

Fefi🐭 (is WRITING)



cw / underage Osamu Atsumu (25) having a thing for small dicks (big ones hurt his ass, okay?) loving to get fucked by Osamu (15) and his cute small cock.

Osamu is a teen going through puberty, he’ll fuck anything with a heartbeat, even if it happens to be his own brother. Atsumu tells him it’s alright, it’s nothing to worry about. If anything, osamu should consider this as practice for when he has a real boyfriend.

“Or girlfriend,” Atsumu smirks. “I dunno what ya are into yet.” He hadn’t given it much thought either, he just knows fucking Atsumu feels good, and by the sounds he makes, Osamu guesses Atsumu likes it too.

“Shit— Samu, baby, ya gotta fuck me already.” Atsumu groans as Osamu’s fingers go over his sensitive spot, making his hips raise up from the bed. “You’re still tight.” “Samu…” Atsumu chuckles. “Trust me, I don’t need’ta be that loose for ya. Yer small, yer fit just right.”

Atsumu likes the way Osamu blushes a little too much. “What? Ya’ shy now?” Atsumu softly laughs as Osamu pulls his fingers away. He nudges Osamu’s cock with the sole of his feet. “It’s what I like about ya the most. Yer fit just right in me.”

“God— Tsumu, stop sayin’ weird shit.” Osamu pushes his feet away with a hand, taking hold of his cute cock to roll on the condom. One day, Atsumu is gonna convince him to fuck him raw. “It’s called dirty talkin’,” Atsumu teases him. Opening up his legs to make room for Osamu +

Who slots between them, hovering over Atsumu. He might be the oldest one, but Osamu is already as big and broad as he is. Covering his body almost entirely.

“Has no one ever talk to ya like this? Told ya how good ya feel? Maybe I should— shit, Samu.” Atsumu moans, head falling back as Osamu pushes in with no fucking warning, completely sealing himself inside Atsumu in just one thrust. Fuck, he really, really loves small cocks.

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