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My bounty submission for @0xTPH's #web3Fundamentals. Thank you @mayurrelekar and @ArcanaNetwork for an amazing session on "Building in web3". Here is my concept note for a web3 product idea: "Payments solution for DAOs". (1/n)

Why a payments solution for DAO? Due to its diverse setup & distributed organizational framework, DAOs find it difficult to maintain a database of contributors, working groups - allocate budgets and disburse timely payments. (2/n)

This concept document introduces a cross-chain payments solution with inbuilt DAO management system that lets a DAO admin track active contributors and automate & schedule payments to the contributors. (3/n)

Top features for DAO payments solution: - Database system for contributors - Configure primary tokens & additional tokens based on DAO treasury - Define pre-agreed expenses and contributions - Schedule & automate payments - Multi-sig wallet to enforce treasury management (4/n)

Drilling down sub-features: - Request payments for misc. expenses - Wallet login for contributors - Set up working group limits & treasury limits - and much more (5/n)

User journey for onboarding & setting up the payments platform (6/n):

web3 native stack for development: - Data layer: Polygon, ETH (2nd pref) - File storage: Arweave - API Layer: Infura, Quick node, Arcana SDK - Wallet: MetaMask, cross-chain wallet support (phase 2) (7/n)

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